Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Michael Lambton Este
1779 – 1844

Staff Surgeon Michael Lambton Este

MD (Erfurt 1798)

3 Aug 1779 [London] – 1844 [London]

Service Record

Son of a clergyman. His father was one of the king's reading chaplains at Whitehall and a friend of Lord Nelson.

4 Sep 1800 – Oct 1802 Assistant Surgeon 3rd Foot Guards.

4 Sep 1800 – Nov 1800 On duty in England.

Nov 1800 – Feb 1802 On duty in Egypt.

1801 Plague service in Egypt. Placed twice in quarantine.

Feb 1802 – Oct 1802 On duty in England.

1803 – Oct 1804 On a special mission to Egypt and the Levant.

Malta 1804 In 1803, Michael Lambton Este was appointed by Lord Hawkesbury Chief Secretary and physician to Charles Lock (1770–1804), Consul for Egypt. Lambton, formed part of a special expedition organised on a large scale by the government and the Hon East India Company.

In 1804, Lock contracted plague in Egypt and died at the Lazaretto on Manoel Island on 14 Sept 1804. Este Lambton was confined in quarantine at the Lazaretto with his charge. Was thanked by Sir Alexander Ball, Governor of Malta, Lord Nelson, Lord Hawkesbury, Lord Bexley, and the Lock family for the care he showed towards his patient.

Aug 1804 In Aug 1804, was ordered by Nelson to leave Malta for Toulon, where for many months Nelson had kept the French Fleet bottled up in its main Mediterranean port.

Nov 1804 Sent by Nelson to England with despatches and a request to Government for Este Lambton's reappointment. In 1805, when Nelson returned from the West Indies he was prevailed upon by Pitt to go to sea and resume his former command. Nelson demanded that Este Lambton be reappointed and ordered him to sail with Captain Sir William Bolton. Nelson's death at Trafalgar on 21 Oct 1805, however, disrupted these arrangements.

3 Oct 1812 – 6 Nov 1835 Surgeon 1st Life Guards.

3 Oct 1812 – 28 Oct 1812 On duty in England.

28 Oct 1812 – Aug 1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

Aug 1814 – June 1815 In England.

June 1815 – Oct 1815 Served in France and Belgium (Waterloo Campaign).

8 Oct 1815 – 5 Nov 1835 In England.

6 Nov 1835 Retired to half pay. He practiced in the Albany, catering for the enthusiasm amongst members of the royal family for sea-bathing and various forms of hydrotherapy which had interested him for over twenty years.1