Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Shand Duncan
1835 – 1897

No 754 Surgeon Major James Shand Duncan

LRCS (Ed 1858) MD

24 Sep 1835 [Montreal] – 22 Oct 1897 [London]

Surgeon Major James Shand Duncan was born in Montreal, the son of James Duncan Esq, a well known artist of the city. He was the brother of Staff Assistant Surgeon George Duncan MD, born on 21 October 1839, who entered the Army Medical Department in October 1867, but resigned in July 1878.

Surgeon Major James Shand Duncan entered the Army Medical Department on 14 December 1858. He retired on 20 May 1885 and died at Westminster Hospital on 22 October 1897.

Service Record

James S Duncan
James Shand Duncan
(Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS archives)

14 Dec 1858 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1859 Served in India.

20 Nov 1859 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon William James Mullan 81st (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers) Regiment of Foot.

Apr 1873 Moved from 81st Foot to the Medical Staff Gibraltar. The 81st Foot returned from India in August 1865 and embarked for Gibraltar in February 1870.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

1 Apr 1874 Promoted Surgeon Major. On duty in Gibraltar.

1875–1878 On duty in Fort Nelson and Fort Fareham.

Cottonera Hospital
Cottonera Hospital which opened in 1873.

Malta 4 Oct 1878 Arrived at Malta from England.

Malta 1879 On garrison duty.

Malta 25 July 1880 To England on leave.

Malta 1881 On garrison duty.

Malta 24 Mar–5 Apr 1882 On duty in Gibraltar.

Malta 17 June 1882 To England on leave.

Malta 6 Sep 1882 Returned to Malta. Officer in charge Cottonera hospital.

Malta 4 Oct 1883 Returned to England.

Praised by the Director General for his efficiency whilst serving at Malta, but censured by him for showing lack of zeal, and judgement. Judged by the DG as not suitable for promotion.

20 May 1885 Granted retired pay, with the honorary rank of Brigade Surgeon having completed 23 years' full-pay service.

22 Oct 1897 Died in Westminster Hospital aged 62 years.