Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Davidge
1831 – 1917

No 699 Surgeon Major John Davidge LRSCI (1856)

4 Oct 1831 [Clonmellon Ireland] – 23 Oct 1917 [Hove]

Brigade Surgeon John Davidge took the diploma of the LRCSI in 1856 and entered the Army Medical Department as an assistant surgeon in August 1858. He served in the North East Frontier of India, in the Bhutan Expedition of 1865–1866, when he had the medical charge of the Royal Artillery from March 1865 to April 1866. He was awarded the medal with clasp.

Brigade Surgeon John Davidge was also in the Egyptian Expedition of 1882 and received the Egypt Medal 1882–1889 and the Khedive Bronze Star 1882.

He retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon General in October 1886. He died at Hove on 23 October 1917, aged 86 years.

Service Record

5 Aug 1858 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

10 Sep 1858 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 26th (The Cameronians) Regiment of Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon William Fleming Cullen 26th Regiment. Cullen moved to fill the vacancy left on the Staff, by the promotion of Staff Assistant Surgeon Henry Cole Peppin, as Assistant Surgeon 2nd Foot. On 13 October 1858, Gentleman Joseph Vavasour Lane was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Davidge.

24 May 1861 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon from 26th Foot vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Henry Lamb who was placed on half-pay. On duty at Pembroke.

1862–1864 On duty in Bengal.

20 Sep 1864 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery. Served with 25th Bde (Bengal). 7th Bde (Home) and 9th Bde (India).

Mar 1865–Apr 1866 Served in the Bhutan Campaign in medical charge of the Royal Artillery.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

1 Apr 1873 Promoted Surgeon Major. Moved from the Royal Artillery to the Medical Staff Madras.

1874–1877 Served in Madras.

1877–1880 Served in Woolwich.

Malta 1 Apr 1880 Arrived at Malta from England.

Malta 1881 On garrison duty.

Malta 28 May 1882 To England on leave.

Malta 29 July 1882 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1 Aug 1882 Left for Egypt, but returned to Malta in October 1882 at the end of the Egyptian Campaign.

Malta 1883 On garrison duty.

Malta 4 June 1884 To England on leave.

E Davidge
Ethel Frances Josephine Davidge aged 5 yrs 8 mths, died of diphtheria on 8 Oct 1884 (Ta' Braxia Cemetery Pieta).

Malta 23 July 1884 Returned from leave.

Malta 10 Sep 1884 Promoted Brigade–Surgeon vice Fitzgerald Edward Scanlan who has been granted retired pay.

Malta 8 Oct 1884 Death of his eldest daughter Ethel Frances Josephine from diphtheria aged 5 years 8 months.

Malta 10 Nov 1884 Accompanied the troops to Egypt on the Nile Expedition. Returned to Malta on 27 Nov 1884.

Malta 21 Feb 1885 Moved to Egypt.

Oct 1885 Moved from Egypt to Portsmouth.

4 Oct 1886 Granted retired pay with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon General having completed 23 years' full-pay service. The vacancy of Brigade Surgeon was filled by Surgeon–Major Charles Henry Young Godwin.

1886–1887 At Brecon.

1889–1896 At Bull Point Plymouth.