Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Russell
1799 – 1878

Hospital Assistant George Russell Dartnell

28 July 1799 [Limerick] – 22 July 1878 [Leamington Warwickshire]

Service Record

G R Dartnell
D I G George Russell Dartnell 1863
(Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos – Courtesy AMS Archives)

30 Nov 1820 Hospital Assistant.

22 May 1821–29 Nov 1821 Served in the Mediterranean.

20 Oct 1825 Assistant Surgeon 41st (The Welsh) Regiment of Foot.

18 Jan 1833 Staff Assistant Surgeon (by exchange).

4 Jan 1839 Surgeon The 1st, The Royal Regiment of Foot.

14 Mar 1845 Staff Surgeon 1st Class.

24 Nov 1854 Deputy Inspector General.

16 Jan 1857 Retired to half-pay.

Was a highly competent water colourist who exhibited with the Birmingham Society of Artists from 1867 to 1873. He painted landscapes while servicing in Canada (1835 to 1844).1

Set himself up as a private asylum keeper at Henley-in-Arden Warwickshire when he left the army in 1857. Ran Arden House as an asylum for 21 years, proudly promoting himself in the Medical Director as the inventor of the improved military truss and the author of a paper in the British medical journal on branding for desertion.2