Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Joseph Cope
? – 1839

Inspector of Field Hospitals Joseph Cope

MB (Cantab 1805) FRCP (Lond 1813)

? – 8 Sep 1839 [Hemsworth]

Service Record

1793 Hospital Mate Flanders.

9 Apr 1794 Surgeon 2nd Regiment of Dragoons.

12 Nov 1794 Staff Medical Officer Corsica.

4 Apr 1800 Inspector of Field Hospitals.

The rank of Field Inspector was granted to a few officers who served with the army in the field in Returned from Egypt in 1801. Field Inspectors coordinated the work of the Regimental Hospitals, and controlled the rearward evacuation of the sick and wounded to the General Hospitals.

Sep 1800 Relieved Assistant Inspector of Hospitals Jamieson Alexander.

Malta Sep 1800 Took charge of the Military Hospital Valletta situated in the former Sacra Infermeria of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

Malta 1801 Prepared for the reception of the sick from Abercrombie's Expedition to Egypt (Dec 1800–Sept 1801). Set up medical stores and opened an Ophthalmia ward at the Military Hospital Valletta.

In October 1801, Cope complained to Surgeon General Thomas Keate, that the cargo of the transport ship Rebecca laden with medical stores for the depot at Malta, had been so badly damaged by the defective condition of the ship, that the troops in Egypt were left greatly distressed for want of medical stores. The Rebecca was meant to sail from England in Feb 1801 but only left in August.

Dec 1801 Handed charge of the Medical Department in Malta to IGH Franklin William.

Malta 25 June 1802 Discharged to half-pay.

1 July 1838 One of thirty four Deputy Inspectors General on half pay. Total Service: 44 years 11 months, Total Full Pay Service: 8 years 11 months.