Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Vidler Cay
1823 – 1907

No 165 Assistant Surgeon Charles Vidler Cay

MRCS (Eng 1846) MD (St And 1865)

31 Oct 1823 [Sunderland Durham] – 28 Dec 1907 [Leamington]

Deputy Surgeon General Charles Vidler Cay MD served in the Crimean campaign with the Coldstream Guards from 30 November 1854, and was at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, receiving a medal with clasp and the Turkish medal. He died at Leamington on 28 December 1907, aged 84 years.

Service Record

12 June 1846 Commissioned Assistant Surgeon 97th (The Earl of Ulster's) Regiment of Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon James Guy Piers Moore, who was promoted to 88th Foot.

Malta 18 Aug 1846 Served at Malta and Corfu.

Malta 11 Feb 1847 Served at Malta and Corfu.

Malta 20 Feb 1847 Assistant Surgeon 97th Foot.

Malta 27 Jan 1848 Left for Jamaica.

24 Feb 1854 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/Coldstream Guards.

27 Oct 1854 Married Frances Isabella Tate who was born in Bombay India on 14 December 1824.

30 Nov 1854 Served in the Crimean War with the Coldstream Guards. He was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol.

1855 Birth of a son, Charles Prevost, who died 20 September 1855.

29 Dec 1856 Birth of a daughter, Fanny Vicars.

9 Jan 1863 Battalion Surgeon 2nd/Coldstream Guards vice John Wyatt promoted Surgeon Major Coldstream Guards.

12 June 1866 On completion of 20 years service on full pay he became eligible to the rank of Surgeon Major in accordance with the Royal Warrant of 3 February 1866. However, he remained with his regiment in the rank of Battalion Surgeon.

3 Apr 1874 Surgeon Major Coldstream Guards.

30 Nov 1878 Retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Surgeon General.