Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Richard Uniacke
1817 – 1907

No 520 Surgeon Richard Uniacke Cashman

Licentiate (1836) LM (1836) RCSI MD (St And 1838)

26 June 1817 [Queenstown] – 10 Jan 1907 [Bournemouth]

Surgeon Richard Uniacke Cashman qualified as a Licentiate in 1836. He obtained his Licentiate in Midwifery in 1836 and his Medical Doctorate from the University of St Andrews in 1838.

On 18 May 1855, he entered the Army Medical Department as Assistant Surgeon. He retired from the service on 3 August 1872; he had no war service.

Surgeon Richard Uniacke Cashman died at Bournemouth on 10 January 1907 at the advanced age of 96 years.

Service Record

18 May 1855 Acting Assistant Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department, antedated from 9 January 1857.

1855 – 1856 On duty at Winchester.

9 Jan 1857 Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery.

2 Feb 1857 By the Rev Daniel Cooke, at Brompton Chatham, Assistant Surgeon Cashman RA aged 39 years, married Dorothy Lavery Woodburn aged 31 years. The witnesses were John Newlyn and James Dallison.

30 Sep 1868 Promoted Staff Surgeon from 2 Bde Royal Artillery in Mauritius vice Staff Surgeon Edward Touch, placed on half pay.

1869 – 1870 On duty at Shorncliffe.

15 June 1870 Surgeon 1st/18th (The Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot.

30 Jan 1872 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 3 Aug 1872 Retired as surgeon; appointed Medical Officer to the Military Prison in Malta.

Malta 1873 Retired Surgeon; Medical Officer to the Military Prison in Malta.

Malta 1874 Retired Surgeon; Medical Officer to the Military Prison in Malta.

1881 – 1885 On duty at North Fort Liverpool which guarded the entrance to the Mersey on the Liverpool side. New Brighton Fort guarded the mouth of the Mersey on the Cheshire side.

10 Jan 1907 Died at Bournemouth aged 96 years having completed 17 years' service on full-pay and 14 years on retired pay.