Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Carey
1827 – 1903

No 251 Surgeon Thomas Carey

MRCS (Eng 1849) LSAL (1850)

5 Jan 1827 (Jamaica) – 2 June 1903 (Hove)

Surgeon Major Thomas Carey served with the 64th Regiment in the Persian Campaign of 1856–1857. He took part in the storming and capture of Reshire, the surrender of Bushire and the night attack and battle of Kooshab. He received a medal with Persia clasp.

Surgeon Major Thomas Carey also served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny of 1857–1858 in medical charge of the Head Quarters of the 64th Foot. He was present at the actions of Futtehpore, Aoung, Pandoo Nuddee, Cawnpore, Oonao, Buseerutgunge (first and second) Boorbeake Chowkee, Bithoor, Mungarwar, Alumbagh and the relief of Lucknow with Havelock's Column, He was present in three sorties from the Residency and also at the defence of Cawnpore. He was severely wounded at Lucknow. He received the Mutiny Medal with clasps and one year service for Lucknow.

Surgeon Major Thomas Carey died at Hove on 2 June 1903, aged 76 years.

Service Record

24 Jan 1851 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 64th (2nd Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.

1856–1857 Took part in the Persian Campaign.

26 Jan 1858 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class from 64th Foot.

14 June 1859 Appointed Surgeon 2nd/22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment of Foot, vice Surgeon William Home Fairbairn who moved to the Staff.

Malta 6 July 1859 Arrived from England.

16 May 1860 In his confidential report the PMO Malta stated: Trusts too much to those around him.

18 May 1860 Promoted Staff Surgeon.

Malta 26 May 1860 Left Malta for England.

1860–1861 On duty at the Cavalry Depot Canterbury.

31 Dec 1860 PMO Shorncliffe reported: Possessed of excellent professional qualifications, zealous and efficient.

24 May 1861 Appointed Surgeon 87th (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon Major Richard George Davys Banon who was appointed to Staff.

22 May 1866 Reduced to half-pay.

29 May 1867 Restored to full-pay and was appointed Surgeon 2nd/7th Regiment of Foot on the death of Surgeon Major Edward William Thomas Mandeville.

31 Jan 1872 Promoted Surgeon Major 2nd/7th (Royal Fusiliers). He was the medical officer of the Royal Fusiliers until June 1873.

1873–1874 In Carlisle with 2nd Brigade Depôt.

6 Feb 1874 Placed on half-pay with the rank of Surgeon Major.