Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
? – ?

No 722 Surgeon Major Langer Carey

MRCS (Eng 1856) MB (Dub 1858)

23 Apr 1831 [Newport Tipperary] – 25 May 1882 [Wellington New Zealand]

Surgeon Major Langer Carey was the second son of Dr Langer Carey of Churchfield, Newport County Tipperary. He entered the Army Medical Department in October 1858.

Service Record

Mdina Sanatorium
Mdina Sanatorium former palace of Grand Master Antonio Manoel De Vilhena (1722–1726).

13 Oct 1858 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon James Henry Jeffcoat, promoted Assistant Surgeon 2nd/9th Foot. On duty in Cork.

25 Mar 1859 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery on the death of Assistant Surgeon William Meyler Milton at London, on 10 March 1859. Served with 9th Bde, 10th Bde in Montreal and Malta and with 9th Bde in Dublin.

3 Apr 1869 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Charles John Kirwan who was placed on half-pay.

1869–1870 On duty in Colchester.

Escutcheon of De Vilhena with added inscription: The ancient palace of the Grand Masters was converted into a sanatorium under the authority of the Rt Hon Sidney Herbert Secretary of State for War during the government of HE Lt Gen Sir Gaspard Le Marchant in 1860.

Malta 15 May 1870 Arrived in Malta.

July 1870 On duty at Citta Vecchia.

Malta 1 Jan 1871 On duty at Valletta.

Malta May–Dec 1871 On duty at Corradino.

Malta 1 Jan 1872 On duty at Corradino.

Malta 22 Dec 1872 Returned to England.

28 May 1873 Promoted Surgeon Major on the death of Surgeon Major Alfred Joseph Lumby Hepworth MD at Alexandria, Egypt on 1 March 1873.

June 1873 Medical Officer 24th Brigade Depôt Cardiff.

Mar 1874 Medical Officer 101 Regiment of Foot.

Malta 19 Oct 1874 Arrived at Malta. Attached to 101st Royal Bengal Fusiliers.

Malta 12 Sep 1875 To England on sick leave.

Malta 9 Jan 1876 Returned to Malta.

Malta 13 Aug 1876 Left Malta on reduction to half-pay.

15 Aug 1879 Resigned his commission, having completed 18 years' full pay service.

25 May 1882 Died in Wellington, New Zealand.