Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Robert Calvert
1782 – 1850

Physician to the Forces Robert Calvert MD (Ed 1804)

20 Feb 1782 – 12 Dec 1850 [Camden Town]

Service Record

22 Oct–30 Nov 1807 In England.

22 Oct 1807 Physician to the Forces aged 25 years.

1 Dec 1807–24 June 1817 In the Mediterranean serving at Sicily, Malta and Italy (Genoa).

Malta Aug 1813 Volunteered for plague duty in consequence of an urgent application from Malta. Arrived from Sicily.

8 July 1816 Extract of letter from Dr Borland, Inspector of Hospitals, to Dr Calvert dated 8 July 1816 relating to plague service states:

You have a claim on me, the best of all, a public claim of having served perfectly to my satisfaction, and very much to your own credit which it is my duty to acknowledge whenever and where ever the acknowledgment may be useful to you.1

Malta Feb 1814 Left to join Lord William Bentinck's expedition to Italy. Returned to Malta 11 March as the Board of Health in Sicily would not allow him to perform quarantine there.

Malta Apr 1814 Joined Lord William Bentinck's expedition to Italy.

Malta Aug 1815 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1816 Physician to the Forces.

Malta 25 June 1817 Removed to half-pay following reduction of the army.

While in Sicily, Calvert contracted Malaria fevers. He also received a letter of thanks form Louis Philippe, dated 28 Sept 1829, for treatment for a fever contracted in Milazzo. In 1809 Louis Philippe of France married Princess Marie Amalie, daughter of King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies. Calvert reported that the Queen of Sicily had a fever, as probably also did Louis Philippe, later King of the French 1830–1848.

25 Nov 1818 Brevet Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

25 Feb 1824 Placed back on full-pay through exchange.

25 Feb 1824–9 Apr 1824 Physician in England.

18 Mar 1824 Married in London.

10 Apr 1824–18 June 1827 Ionian Islands and Malta.

26 May 1824 Egyptian Ophthalmia.

Malta 19 Mar 1825 Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

Arrived from Corfu in the Cygnet Packet to take charge of the Medical Department.

Malta 20 July 1826 Private baptism of Fanny Wilkinson Calvert born on 16 July 1826, daughter of Emily and Physician to the Forces Robert Calvert. The child was publicly received into the church on 30 September 1826.

Malta 3 Apr 1827 Returned to England on six months leave of absence on private affairs.

25 Sep 1827 Reduced to half-pay due to ill health. On half-pay till 14 Jan 1836.

1823–1 Dec 1828 Resident at Corfu, Malta, and Farmsfields Nottinghamshire.

15 Jan 1836–5 Sept 1836 Physician in England.

6 Feb 1836 Retired on half-pay, and worked with the Chelsea Pensioners.

Among his papers were:

1 July 1838 One of eighteen Assistant Inspectors on half pay. Total Service: 30 years 8 months, Total Full Pay Service: 11 years 6 months.