Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Brandon
? – ?

Purveyor Clerk John Brandon

? — ?

Service Record

Malta Apr 1811 Arrived in Malta.

Malta 1812 At the Valletta Hospital Malta.

Malta 1813 Purveyor Clerk.

Malta 1814 On garrison duty.

Malta Dec 1814 Acting Deputy Purveyor.

Malta 1815 Acting Deputy Purveyor.

Malta 1816 Acting Deputy Purveyor.

Malta 1817 On garrison duty.

Malta 1818 On garrison duty.

Malta 1819 On garrison duty.

Malta 1820 On garrison duty.

Malta 1821 Clerk to the Inspector of Hospital.

Malta 1822 Purveyor Clerk on a daily rate of pay of 6s.
Fell seriously ill, and his duties were temporarily carried out by Staff Assistant Surgeon James Kennedy.

Malta 15 Jan 1822 Emma Brandon, daughter of Gentleman John Brandon Medical Department and Gartherude, born on 31 July 1815 and previously baptised on 29 August 1815 was publicly received into the church.

Malta July 1823 On leave.

Malta Nov 1823 Struck off the strength of the army in the Mediterranean.