Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Joseph Bourke
1833 – ?

No 681 Surgeon Major Joseph Bourke MRCS (Eng 1855)

16 Sep 1833 [Old Town Co. Mayo] – ?

Service Record

25 May 1858 Staff Assistant Surgeon. On duty at Charlesfort, County Cork Ireland.

11 Jan 1859 Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery. Served with 5th, 9th, 8th and 1st Brigades RA.

29 June 1866 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon William Henry Harris 32nd (Cornwall-Light Infantry).

8 June 1867 Assistant Surgeon 83rd (County of Dublin) Regiment of Foot.

10 Feb 1869 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon Edward Coffey 2nd/15th (York, East Riding) Regiment of Foot.

1 Apr 1873 Surgeon-Major. Moved from 15th Foot to the Medical Staff at Fort Fareham.

Malta 1873 On duty at Malta.

Malta 1874 On duty at Malta.

Malta 1875 On duty at Malta.

Malta 1876 On duty at Malta.

Malta 1877 On duty at Malta.

Malta 1878 On garrison duty.

1879 On duty at Colchester.

28 Dec 1879 Retired on half-pay having completed 21 years' full pay service.

12 Aug 1884 Commuted his half-pay.

1906 Resident at Old Towne Home Irishtown Claremorris County Mayo.