Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Abraham Bolton
? – 1818

Staff Surgeon Abraham Bolton

? – 9 Jan 1818 [Ireland]

Service Record

31 May 1793 Surgeon 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.

18 July 1796 Staff Surgeon.

Malta Oct 1801 Arrived from Egypt.

Malta 29 June 1802 Inspector of Field Hospitals.

Malta 1803 In medical charge of the naval sick and wounded admitted to the General Hospital, Valletta.

On 22 January 1804, Major General Villettes said of him and Mr Robert Grieves, who was in surgical charge of the naval sick, that the two gentlemen are very meritorious men, and attended the Navy patients with the most conscientious and approved attention. Nonetheless, he did not feel it appropriate for them to receive extra pay.

It is my private opinion that public officers who enjoy His Majesty's pay are bound to serve indiscriminately for either branch of the public service if required, without fee or reward.

On 18 January 1804, Inspector General of Hospitals William Franklin, had applied for extra pay for R Grieves and A Bolton. Not only had the seriously ill naval patients generated a considerable amount of extra duties, but also a precedent had been set in Egypt. When the naval surgeons there, had the care of wounded soldiers, the Commander-in-Chief had allowed them ten shillings a day each, for the time they had the wounded men under their care.1

Malta Feb 1804 Left Malta.

1 Nov 1804 Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

Served in the Peninsular War (1808–14) where he took over from Inspector General of Hospitals Franck James.

18 Jan 1816 Reduced to half pay with rank of Inspector of Hospitals.