Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Walter Blake
1794 – 1839

Hospital Assistant Walter Blake

May 1794 – 27 Jan 1839 [Nottingham]

Service Record

6 May 1815 Appointed Hospital Assistant aged 21 years.

Malta 25 Feb 1816 Reduced to half-pay.

Malta 24 Nov 1817 Restored to full-pay. Left Malta.

14 Apr 1825 Assistant Surgeon 90th (Perthshire Volunteers Light Infantry) Regiment.

9 Dec 1836 Aged 43 years. Promoted surgeon after 22 years service. Had served between 19 and 20 years on full pay before gaining promotion.

Appointed Surgeon 61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot, vice Surgeon Charles St John promoted to Staff. The vacancy created in 90th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Robert Keating Prendergast who was promoted assistant surgeon vice Blake. Prendergast, was in turn succeeded by Assistant Surgeon William Cruickshank 79th Foot, who became Assistant Surgeon to the Forces.

27 Jan 1839 Died at Nottingham aged 44 years, shortly after his return from Ceylon. On 15 Feb 1839, the vacancy in 61st Foot was filled by the promotion of Assistant Surgeon James Smith 17th Foot. Staff Assistant Surgeon John Bathurst Thomson was in his turn promoted Assistant Surgeon vice Smith.