Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry Talbot
1859 – 1935

Surgeon Captain Henry Talbot Baylor

16 Jan 1859 – 30 Mar 1935

Service Record

Cottonera Hospital
The Cottonera Hospital was built in 1873 near Zabbar Gate, and contained 4 infirmaries of 32 beds. It was the main hospital and HQ of the RAMC in Malta until 1920, when Mtarfa Military Hospital opened.

1 Aug 1885 Surgeon.

Oct 1886 Serving in the Madras Command.
Was granted leave to England for six months on medical certificate.

Malta 2 Dec 1887 Arrived from England.

Malta 1888 On garrison duty.

Malta 9 July 1889 Embarked for Egypt.

Malta 31 Jan 1895 Arrived from Limerick.
Officer in medical charge Vittoriosa District. On duty at the Cottonera Station Hospital, but resident at the Officers' Quarters Cottonera Hospital.

8 Aug 1895 Home leave.

Malta 1896 On duty at the Cottonera Station Hospital.
Resident at Officers' Quarters Cottonera Hospital.

Malta 1896 Much blamed by his PMO for twice failing his examinations for promotion, this being ascribed by the PMO to a want of diligence and industry. His confidential report of 1896 stated that, "He is consequently considered as hardly equal to the average of his rank and not at present recommended for promotion".

Malta 1 Oct 1896 Home leave.

Malta 20 Mar 1897 Embarked for Crete.

Malta Mar 1898 Returned from Crete.

Malta 18 May 1898 Surgeon Major.

Malta 6 Apr 1898 Embarked for Egypt. Served in the Sudan.

11 Oct 1899–31 May 1902 Anglo Boer War

1900–1902 Served in South Africa.

1 Aug 1905 Retired.