Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edward Nathaniel
1772 – 1842

Physician to the Forces Edward Nathaniel Bancroft

MB (1794) MD (Camb 1804) FRCP (Lond 1806)

16 May 1772 [Marylebone London] – 18 Sep 1842 [Kingston Jamaica]

Service Record

1794 Took a Cambridge degree and entered the army as a physician the following year.

5 Oct 1795 Appointed Physician to the Forces by Physician General Sir Lucas Pepys.

Edward Nathaniel Bancroft supported Lucas Pepys appointment of civilian physicians who had limited experience of military medicine to posts of Physician to the Forces at the exclusion of senior staff surgeons seasoned in military campaigns. Bancroft argued that the education of physicians inevitably made them superior to the surgeons, who were often of obscure origin, sons of millers or bakers who trust in curing diseases without licence. They have neither the knowledge, habits, nor manners of members of a learned profession, and many assume the title of doctor without justification.

1 Aug 1797 Relegated to half-pay.

27 Apr 1798 Restored to full-pay.

Aug 1800 Attached to the army serving in the Mediterranean under Sir Ralph Abercrombie.

Malta Oct 1801 Arrived from Egypt.

Malta Jan 1802 Left Malta.

25 Oct 1802 Relegated to half-pay.

25 Aug 1803 Restored to full-pay.

1806 Delivered the Theodore Gulston lecture on An Essay on the disease called Yellow Fever with observations concerning Febrile Contagion, Typhus Fever, Dysentery, and the Plague.

25 Feb 1807 Relegated to half-pay.

4 June 1807 Restored to full-pay.

1808–1811 Physician to St George's Hospital London on his reduction to half-pay.

1811 Left for Jamaica to recuperate his health. Remained in Kingston Jamaica where he became President of the Horticultural and Agricultural Society.

6 Oct 1812 Married Ursula Hill Hoseason at Kingston Parish Church Jamaica.

18 Sep 1815 Birth of a daughter, Ursalina Maria.

17 July 1817 Brevet Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

20 Oct 1817 Birth of a son, Edward James.

1818 Reduced to half-pay.

25 Aug 1820 Birth of a daughter, Julia Eliza.

13 Nov 1822 Birth of a daughter, Marianne Augusta.

May 1823 Birth of a son, George A. (Died Dec 1823).

22 June 1826 Birth of a son, William Charles at Kingston Jamaica.

1830 Birth of a son, Charles A.

1 July 1838 Age 68 years. One of eighteen Assistant Inspectors on half pay. Total Service: 42 years 8 months, Total Full Pay Service: 14 years 8 months.

6 Nov 1840 Recalled from half-pay and appointed Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals vice DIGH Hugh Bone, promoted Local Inspector General in the West Indies.

18 Sep 1842 Died in Kingston, Jamaica. On 6 Jan 1843, Staff Surgeon of the First Class William Hacket MD was promoted Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals vice Bancroft. The vacancy created by Hacket was filled by the promotion of Surgeon James Moffitt MD 12th Light Dragoons, as Staff Surgeon of the First Class. On 3 Feb 1843, Surgeon James Lowry Tighe 51st Foot, occupied the vacancy in 12th Light Dragoons, left by the promotion of Moffitt on the Staff. In his turn, Staff Surgeon of the Second Class John Hartley Sinclair became Surgeon 51st Foot vice Tighe. Assistant Surgeon Patrick O'Callaghan moved from 4th Dragoon Guards to be Staff Surgeon of the Second Class vice Sinclair.