Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Baly
1830 – 1864

Assistant Surgeon George Baly

27 July 1830 [Warwick] – 13 June 1864

Service Record

4 Apr 1855 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

2 July 1858 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon William Alexander Rifle Brigade.

Malta 25 Aug 1858 Arrived from England.

Malta 1859 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 23 June 1860 Returned to England.

4 Oct 1860 Returned to Malta.

Malta 12 Jan 1861 In his confidential report the PMO Malta stated that he was A very superior officers.

Malta 23 Nov 1861 Left for Bombay.

21 July 1863 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon George Nicol Irvine MD appointed Assistant Surgeon 79th Foot vice Assistant Surgeon Andrew Knox Drysdale, appointed to the Staff. The vacancy in the Rifle Brigade was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Tobias Barnwell.