RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Goforth
1825 – 1893

Assistant Surgeon George Goforth Wyer LRCS (Ed 1849)

2 Feb 1825 [Grahamstown] – 8 June 1893 [Kimberly Notts]

Assistant Surgeon George Goforth Wyer was born in Grahamstown South Africa, Eastern Cape.

He was the son of Surgeon John Wyer (19 Feb 1791–23 Feb 1883) who had served as assistant surgeon 88th Foot in the Peninsular War and in the Anglo-American War of 1812–1814. He qualified LRCS from the University of Edinburgh in 1849.

Service Record

21 Feb 1851 Assistant Surgeon 3rd (East Kent-The Buffs) Regiment of Foot.

28 Apr 1851 Arrived from Cork.

25 June–12 July 1852 On leave on private affairs.

26 June 1852 Married by the Reverend William Hare, Chaplain to the Forces, in the English Collegiate Church of St Paul Valletta to Eliza Sarah Hadley (5 Nov 1830 Middlesex–1902 Nottingham), aged 19 years, a minor with the consent of her parents, daughter of Capt William Hadley, Paymaster 68th (Durham Light Infantry) Regiment.

Captain William Henry Stone Hadley died in Malta on 10 Nov 1856. He was one of the last to be buried in Msida Bastion Cemetery, Floriana.

1853 Assistant Surgeon 3rd Foot.

31 July 1854 Left for England.

Sep 1854 Birth of a son, John George Goforth Wyer at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

Jan 1855 Returned to Malta en route to join his regiment in Piraeus.

21 Jan 1855 Went missing owing to an altered state of mind brought on by domestic tidings of a distressing nature. He concealed himself on board a French Steamer, but was found, and in Feb 1855, was handed over by the captain to the British Consul on the island of Syra. He was returned to Malta to face a medical board.

We regret to learn that Assistant Surgeon George G Wyer of HM 3rd Regiment (Buffs) who arrived here a few weeks ago on his way to join his Regiment at the Piraeus has been missing for the last three days and owing to the unsettled state of mind of the unfortunate gentleman when last heard of great fears are entertained that he has come to an untimely end. Up to the moment of going to press a strict search which has been initiated has been attended with no successful results.1
Assistant Surgeon Wyer 3rd Buffs who was here with a detachment of his Regiment and whose extraordinarily disappearance has caused great anxiety to his friends owing to the state of his mind at the time of his going missing has been discovered at the island of Syra and sent back to Malta in charge of a sergeant.
It appears that previous to the departure of one of the French small steamers about a fortnight since for the levant he concealed himself on board his presence not being remarked until some time after the steamer leaving Malta.
On the arrival of the vessel at Syra he was given in charge of the British Consul and in answer to an application made to Colonel Straubenzee of his regiment at the Piraeus the consul received instructions to send the unfortunate gentleman by first opportunity to Malta and he arrived here on board the French steamer Clyde.
We understand that a medical board will shortly meet to decide upon his case.2

1 May 1855 Reduced to half-pay.

8 May 1856 Birth of a daughter, Elicia Rebecca Wilhelmina Wyer at Burnham, Bedfordshire.

31 May 1859 Struck off the half-pay list.

March 1876 Surgeon, resident and practicing at Eastwood, Nottingham. Committed for trial at the assizes on two charges of having unlawfully received into his house, which was not properly licensed, and taken charge of a lunatic named Selina Wyer, his sister, without first obtaining the requisite medical certificate.

He was further charged with abusing, ill treating and neglecting the said lunatic who had been in his house for about two years having previously been for twenty years in Leicester Asylum.3

8 June 1893 Died at Kimberley, Nottinghamshire aged 68 years.