RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edward Denham
1836 – 1905

833 Brigade Surgeon Edward Denham Tomlinson

MRCS (Eng 1858) LSAL (1859) LRCPL (1876) MD (St And 1884)

13 Nov 1836 [Wakefield] – 17 Feb 1905 [Folkestone]

E D Tomlinson
Surg Maj Edward D Tomlinson

Brigade Surgeon Edward Denham Tomlinson received his medical education at St George's Hospital London and qualified MRCS in 1858. In 1884, he obtained his medical doctorate from St Andrew's University. He entered the Army Medical Department as an assistant surgeon on 19 January 1860 and served with the York and Lancaster Regiment.

Brigade Surgeon E D Tomlinson took part in the New Zealand Wars in the province of Taranaki. He was present at the capture of the redoubt at Katikara (June 1863); ambuscade at Tapuai Ford and at Waran Road (August 1863); affair at Pontoko (October 1863); attack on Sentry Hill (April 1864), and of the Pahs at Manutihi, Mataitawa, Te Arei, Waikoukow and the destruction of the Pahs and villages in the neighbourhood of Warea (February 1866) under the command of Lt Gen Duncan Cameron, Colonel Warre and Major Gen Sir Trevor Chute. He received the New Zealand War Medal in March 1870.

On 7 July 1880, Brigade Surgeon E D Tomlinson retired with the Honorary rank of Brigade Surgeon. Following his retirement he held a half-pay appointment at Beverley for six years. Later on he interested himself in the work of the St John Ambulance Association, lecturing and examining on its behalf. He became an Honorary Associate of the Order of St John on 30 July 1889.

Brigade Surgeon E D Tomlinson died at Folkestone on 17 February 1905; the funeral took place on 22 February at Holy Trinity Church, Folkestone. He was interred in Folkestone Old Cemetery.

Service Record

19 Jan 1860 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon. On duty at Templemore, County Tipperary.

26 Oct 1860–24 June 1867 Served in New Zealand and in the New Zealand Wars of 1860–1863.

3 Dec 1861 Witness at the trial of CSgt James Collins 65th Regiment for the murder of Ensign William Alexander at Rutland Stockade, Wanganui District.

1 Dec 1865 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Military Train.
Quartered in Auckland New Zealand. Examined the body of a child aged 2 yrs 5 mths who suffocated after falling down the privy.

3 Apr 1866 Assistant Surgeon E D Tomlinson Military Train aged 29 years married Sophia Brown aged 22 years at Holy Trinity Church, Saranaki, New Zealand.

28 Aug 1867 Birth of a daughter Minnie Elizabeth at Auckland New Zealand.

30 July 1868 Birth of a son Henry Edward in Yorkshire.

27 Aug 1869 Birth of a son Herbert at Curragh.

16 Mar 1870 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon from the Military Train. Served at Netley.

15 Feb 1871 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot by exchange.

1 Apr 1873 Promoted Surgeon Major. Moved from 84th Foot to the medical staff Curragh.

July 1873 Medical officer 84th Foot at Jersey.

1876 Moved from 84th Foot to the medical staff at Malta.

Malta 9 Nov 1876 Arrived from England.

Malta 1877 On garrison duty.

Malta 13 Sep 1878 To England on duty.

Malta 2 Nov 1878 Returned to Malta.

Malta 11 July 1879 To England on sick leave.

Malta 17 Oct 1879 Returned to Malta.

Malta 16 May 1880 Returned to England.

7 July 1880 Retired on half-pay with honorary rank of Brigade-Surgeon.

Oct 1895 Wrote the following observation on water borne cholera:

In a paper in the October number of the English Illustrated Magazine, there is an account of an interviewing of Mr Carl Hagenbeck, who it appears, was the exhibitor of the East African show at the Crystal Palace, and who is also the proprietor of the zoological gardens at Hamburg, and from the account of the interview I take the following extract: But perhaps the most interesting of Mr Hagenbeck's many interesting observations on the health of his animals was made apropos of the cholera epidemic at Hamburg. Before the cholera reached the human inhabitants, the inmates of his gardens were attacked by it. They had violent cramps and other choleraic symptoms, and in a short time sixty animals died. He stopped the epidemic, which was clearly choleraic, by boiling all the water given them to drink, a precaution which, if observed by the crowded population near the Hamburg docks, might have prevented the epidemic which attacked them a month later.

31 July 1897 Death of his youngest son, Surgeon Lieutenant Lionel Philip Tomlinson, aged 26 years, at Belgaum, India from typhoid fever. Lionel had entered the Army Medical Department on 29 January 1895.

10 Jan 1898 At Christ Church Folkestone by the Rev Routh Tomlinson, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev C Stonehouse, Robert Henry Howard son of the Rev Henry Howard of Thirsk, married Sophie Mabel Lang, widow of Francklyn Lang Public Works Department India and daughter of Brigade Surgeon E D Tomlinson MD of 8 Earl's Avenue Folkestone.

17 Feb 1905 Died at 8 Earl's Avenue, Folkestone in his 69th year.