Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Smyth Robert Dunkin

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Assistant Surgeon Robert Dunkin Smyth
3 Sep 1802 – 6 Sept 1866 [Wimbledon]

Service Record — Robert Dunkin Smyth

19 May 1825 Hospital Assistant.

6 Oct 1825 Assistant Surgeon 85th (Bucks Volunteers) (King's Light Infantry) Regiment.

Malta 6 Oct 1825 Arrived from England.

Malta Apr 1826 At the regimental depot in England.

Malta Jan 1827 Embarked for Gibraltar.

Malta Nov 1828 Returned from Gibraltar.

Malta 1829 Assistant Surgeon 85th Foot.

Malta 1830 Assistant Surgeon 85th Foot.

Malta Nov 1831 Left for England.

30 Jan 1832 Reduced to half pay.

1 Mar 1833 Assistant Surgeon Royal Military College.

6 Nov 1840 Appointed Surgeon 76th Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon William Birrell appointed to the Staff.

15 Dec 1840 Exchanged with Surgeon William Milligan 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment. Staff Assistant Surgeon John Stewart became assistant surgeon to the Royal Military College on the promotion of Smyth.

21 July 1843 Appointed Surgeon 14th Light Dragoons, vice Surgeon James Wemyss Moffat who died at Colaba Bombay on 3 May 1843. The vacancy in 17th Foot was filled by Staff Surgeon of the Second Class George Archer. Consequently, Staff Assistant Surgeon Michael McBride became Staff Surgeon 2nd Class vice Archer, while Gentleman Robert Cooper was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice McBride.

2 Mar 1847 Appointed Surgeon 87th (The Royal Irish Fusiliers) vice Surgeon Richard Arthur Pearson who retired. The vacancy in 14th Light Dragoons was filled by Surgeon Archibald Stewart 61st Foot. The vacancy left by Stewart in 61st Foot was filled by Assistant Surgeon Patrick Gammie 80th Foot, who was promoted surgeon. In his turn Gentleman Henry Carr Lucas was commissioned Assistant Surgeon 80th Foot vice Gammie.

1 Oct 1847 Surgeon 2nd Dragoons.

21 July 1854 Retired to half-pay.


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