Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Scott Francis

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Surgeon Francis Scott MD (Ed 1825)
15 Feb 1784 – Apr 1849

Service Record — Francis Scott

14 May 1803 Assistant Surgeon 93rd Highlanders. Was previously in the Tyrone Militia.

1806 Present at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope.

1809 Took part in the Expedition to Walcheren.

25 Jan 1810 Surgeon 2nd/95th (Rifle Corps), renamed The Rifle Brigade in 1816. Served in the Peninsular Campaign and at Waterloo. Received the Military General Service Medal with clasps for Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes and Toulouse.

Malta 12 Jan 1826 Arrived from England with his regiment.

30 Dec 1826 Baptism of William Scott, son of Surgeon Francis Scott 2nd Rifle Battalion and Mary Ann, born on 13 November 1826. The child was publicly received into the church by the name of William Fortescue Scott on 12 October 1828.

Malta 1827 Surgeon 2nd/Rifle Brigade.

Malta 13 Oct 1828 Baptism of Henry Clermont Scott, son of Surgeon Francis Scott and Mary Ann, born on 29 June 1828.

Malta 1829 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 1830 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 3 Apr 1831 On leave for the recovery of his health.

Malta 12 June 1831 Left Malta for England.

30 Sep 1836 Retired to half-pay.

1851 The widow of Francis Scott applied for financial assistance from the Army Medical Officers Benevolent Fund on behalf of her two children, a son under 21 years and a daughter under 18 years. Her annual income had been assessed at £85, which included a widow's pension of £45, and no money was granted to her.

1853 The Army Medical Officers Benevolent Fund granted £10 to the orphans of Surgeon Francis Scott Rifle Brigade.


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