RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry James Schooles
1815 – 1878

Surgeon Henry James Schooles

MD (Glas 1837)

10 Oct 1815 – 12 May 1878 [Hythe]

Service Record

28 June 1839 Commissioned Assistant Surgeon 81st (Loyal Lincoln Volunteers) Regiment of Foot, vice Grigor Stewart promoted Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1 Oct 1847 Surgeon Staff 2nd Class.

19 Nov 1847 Surgeon 1st/69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot, vice surgeon Robert Harthill who retired to half-pay.

12 Dec 1847 Arrived at Malta.

1848 Surgeon 1st/69th Foot.

22 Sep 1849 Birth of a son Henry Rawlins Pipon Schooles to Louisa Morton and Henry James Schooles. The child was baptised on 11 October by the Rev William Hare Chaplain to the Forces.

8 May 1850 Left Malta.

2 Aug 1850 Surgeon Staff 2nd Class.

13 Dec 1853 Surgeon 60th (The King's Royal Rifle Corps).

Served in the suppression of the suppression of the Indian Mutiny (1857–59).

22 July 1859 Surgeon Major 60th (The King's Royal Rifle Corps).

1860 Served in China.

24 May 1861 Surgeon Staff.

9 Sep 1864 Retired to half-pay with rank of Deputy Inspector General.