The Royal Army Medical Corps
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1965

Block H St David's Bks Mtarfa

In 1965, H Block St David's Barracks, with J and K huts and the RMA mess at St David's, were earmarked as accommodation blocks for the 38 QARNNS officers, 68 Male Nursing staff, 66 Naval Nursing Auxiliaries (NNA), 2 WRNS ratings and 2 Red Cross Officers of the Combined Services Hospital, known as the Royal Naval Hospital Mtarfa.

Block H
Block H Mtarfa Barracks

The QANNA were to live in H Block, and the male ratings in half of G Block, which at the time housed the men of 235 Sig Sqn (COMCAN). The classrooms for training the nursing auxiliaries were to be sited in Q block, which was adjacent to the families hospital. It was proposed for the medical and nursing officers to take over the RMA mess at St David's Barracks.

Objections were raised to this scheme on the grounds that the hospital staff needed to be close to their place of work, and that transport would be required constantly to ferry them to and from the hospital. It was argued for new accommodation to be built within the hospital grounds.

The proposed move of the Royal Naval hospital from Bighi to Mtarfa was delayed until the question of staff accommodation had been resolved.

Malta Land Force

On 1 April 1965, the three Territorial Regts, the 1st/KOMR, No 3 LAD Regt RMA (T) and 11 HAA Regt RMA (T) were taken over by the Nationalist Government and incorporated into the Malta Land Force.

Fort St Elmo

On 10 July 1965, Fort St Elmo was handed over to the Maltese Government.

On 14 June 1966, No 3 LAD Regt RMA (T) was amalgamated with No 11 HAA Regt to form 3/11 LAD Regt RMA (T).