The Royal Army Medical Corps
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1959

David Bruce Military Hospital

In Jan 1959, the hospital remained in a highly fluid state due to the activities of the Royal Engineers who were modernizing and redecorating the wards. Such was the number of workers assembled by the local contractors that redecoration of private houses in nearby Rabat nearly came to a stand still. The interior was decorated in a new colour, Maltese Yellow.

Maternity Wing Military Hospital

In 1959, the 1000th baby made her appearance a month earlier than her 1958 counterpart. The total live births reached 1,233. A short lull in Dec 1959, enabled Maj Fougere QARANC to reoccupy the refurbished wing of the hospital which had been in the contractors' hands for 15 months.

Malta Command

In 1959, Malta Command was taken back under the wing of General HQ MELF.


Lt Col P E Wilkins QARANC, Matron of the David Bruce Military Hospital moved to the Royal Herbert Hospital. She was succeeded by Col M B Kneebone QARANC.