The Royal Army Medical Corps
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1952

Industrial Unrest

On 3 Feb 1952, the civilian employees of the three services went out on strike. The Malta Garrison Security Force cosisting of 36th HAA Regt RA and 2nd HAA Regt RMA acted as infantry in a security role.

On 22 Feb, the gunners of 56 and 60 HAA Btys moved to Lintorn Bks Floriana to act as working parties or guards.No 168 HAA Bty was also at Lintorn Barracks between 24 and 26 Feb, but stood down on the arrival of 1st/Highland Light Infantry from Tobruk.

David Bruce Military Hospital Mtarfa

In 1952, Mtarfa Military Hospital changed its name to the David Bruce Military Hospital. The hospital was increased to 200 beds. The first draft of QARANC Other Rranks arrived in Aug 1952. They quickly became a popular addition to the service community.