The Royal Army Medical Corps
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1929

Recruitment RAMC

By 1929, very few candidates had put themselves forward for commissions in the RAMC.

The three medical services were undermanned and had to manage with the assistance of retired officers and civilian doctors engaged on short term contracts. These, however, could not be employed overseas, and regular medical officers had to bear an increase burden of overseas service.

In addition, regular officers had few opportunities to attend specialist training and follow other advanced studies. The Government set up the First Warren Fisher Committee in 1925 to look into the shortage of doctors. This recommended an increase in pay. A Second Warren Fisher Committee was convened in 1931 when measures proposed by the First Committee had failed to attract candidates.

Stations of the HQ of RAMC Companies

  • No 1 Coy Aldershot
  • No 2 Coy Aldershot
  • No 4 Coy Netley
  • No 8 Coy York
  • No 9 Coy Colchester
  • No 10 Coy Shorncliffe
  • No 12 Coy Woolwich
  • No 13 Coy Edinburgh
  • No 15 Coy London
  • No 18 Coy Aldershot
  • No 19 Coy Warrington
  • No 20 Coy Tidworth
  • No 25 Coy Bermuda
  • No 27 Coy South China
  • No 28 Coy Gibraltar
  • No 29 Coy Jamaica
  • No 30 Coy Malta
  • No 31 Coy Deolali
  • No 32 Coy Straits Settlements
  • No 33 Coy Egypt