Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison – 1926

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Malta Garrison – 1926


Warren Fisher Committee

On 29 June 1926, Army Order 196 set forth the new conditions of service and rates of pay of the Royal Army Medical Corps and Army Dental Corps. The government accepted the recommendations of the Interdepartmental Committee on the Medical Branches of the Fighting Services. This was set up, under the chairmanship of Sir Warren Fisher, to reverse the shortages of medical officers in the Services.

Time served to qualify for the gratuity of £1,000 was reduced from eight and a half to seven years. This enabled the young officer, after his first tour of service abroad, to choose between a service career, or to leave with a gratuity, and start at the bottom of the ladder in civil practice while still young.

Officers who passed the Specialist Course at the Royal Army Medical College, received specialists pay of 5 shillings a day. This concession, left unsolved the controversy as to whether it was better to hold a fixed appointment with allowances taxed, or to be subject to movement where and when one was most required with the satisfaction of drawing all allowances in full.

The enhanced gratuities at fifteen and eighteen years' service enabled officers to find employment in civil life, if forced to retire from the Service for family reasons, reasons of health, or because they considered that the opportunities and experience which the Service has provided have qualified them for consultant practice.

Improved rates of pay granted the Lt Col RAMC equivalent pay to a Lt Col commanding a battalion with command pay.

Retired Majors serving in 1919 were assured a a minimum pension of £1 per day after twenty years' service.

New entrants to the corps, who had held a house appointment before entering, were granted an antedate of up to twelve months.

Maternal Deaths

Beatrice Winifred Snape died on 13 June 1926, aged 21 years. She hath done what she could. God knoweth best. She died for her baby.

RAMC Association

In Feb 1926, the RAMC Association Malta Branch, was inaugurated at Mtarfa with Colonel Charles Robert Evans as chairman and Maj Michael Balfour Hutchinson Ritchie as secretary.


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