The Royal Army Medical Corps
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1921

Garrison Strength

The strength of the Malta Garrison was: Officers 133, Other Ranks 2447, Wives 346, Children 542.

Baptisms in Mtarfa took place in the Church Room. From 1 June 1921, they started to be held in St Oswald's Chapel.

Self Government

Visit king Edward 1907
Visit of The Prince of Wales on the inauguration of the Maltese Parliament 1 Nov 1921.

The Amery-Milner Constitution of 1921 granted Self-Government to Malta (Malta Government Gazette 4 May 1921). The Maltese Government dealt with local issues; the Imperial Government with defence and foreign affairs.

Executive Authority lay with the Governor and the Executive Council. The Hon Joseph Howard became Prime Minister in an administration in which Prof Carmelo Mifsud was Minister for Public Health.

HRH Edward Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VIII, arrived on 1 Nov 1921 for the official State opening of the Maltese Parliament.

The Constitution was suspended in 1930 because of intractable religious-political disputes. It was withdrawn in 1933 and Malta reverted to Crown Colony Status. Self-Government was restored in 1947.

Sandfly Fever

In 1921, the Royal Air Force Sandfly Fever Commission Malta consisted of Sqn Ldr Harold Edward Whittingham, Cpl G H Noakes, and Aircraftman 341189 R Stewart (June 1921).

Sandfly Fever was an important factor in the causation of non-effectiveness in the Royal Air Force. Its actual cause had baffled researchers but Sqn Ldr Whittingham had isolated an organism from the blood of Sandfly fever patients, which he had succeeded in growing outside the body.

The results of his inoculation experiments were, however, doubtful so that it could not be absolutely proved that the organism isolated was the cause of the disease.

Army Dental Corps

The Army Dental Corps was formed by Royal Warrant on 4 Jan 1921, as part of the Army Medical Services. In 1946, King George VI granted the prefix Royal to the Corps.

During the First World War officers attached to the RAMC carried out the duties of dentists but there was an extensive wastage of soldier manpower due to a lack of proper dental care. Dental Surgeons were initially granted a Short Service Commission of 6 years with the opportunity for selection to a permanent commission.

Servicemen joined for an initial engagement of 7 years and went initially to the Army Dental Corps School of Instruction at Aldershot.

Army Nursing

From 1921, the Queen Alexandra's Military Family Nursing Service provided a separate nursing service for the families of soldiers.

Baptisms in the Barracca Church Valletta in 1921

  • 29 Mar Geoffrey Kidley born 22 January, son of Gladys Muriel and WO Instructor Walter Dudly Kidley Army Educational Corps.