The Army Medical Department
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1842

Malta Garrison

Hospital Hospital  General Hospital
Plan dated 24 Oct 1848 showing cross section of the Long Ward General Hospital Valletta.The Long Ward General Hospital Valletta (TNA:MPH 1/912).

The average strength of the garrison was 3,172 men. Its effective strength was reduced by one battalion.

In 1842, the Long Wards of the General hospital was vacated by the lessee and handed over to the Ordnance.

The census of the population of Malta and Gozo in 21 Mar 1842, revealed a population of 114,499 (excluding the garrison). It consisted of:

  • Malta 48,359 males and 51,798 females
    Total 100,157
  • Gozo 6,809 males and 7,533 females
    Total 14,342
  • Physicians and Surgeons: 129
  • Apothecaries: 49
  • Phlebotomists: 9
  • Midwives: 49

Marriages Baptisms 1842

  • 19 Apr Marriage of widower Garrison Quarter Master Sgt Thomas Rodgers and Susannah Taylor, widow of Barrack Sgt Richard Taylor.
  • 21 Apr Baptism of Alexandrina Adelaide Terry, born on 22 Oct 1841, daughter of Lt Col Robert Terry Town Adjutant of Malta and Eliza Therould.
  • 10 Nov Baptism of Catherine Hannah Major, born on 29 Sep 1842, daughter of Assistant Commissary General Francis William Amiable Carpenter Major and Catherine.
  • 15 Dec Private baptism by the Rev John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier of Alfred Terry, born on 3 Dec 1842, son of Lt Col Robert Terry and Eliza Therould.

Army Deserters

Marking of deserters under the Mutiny Act, Horse Guards 5 May 1842:

The punishment of marking for desertion is inflicted in the infantry by the Drum Major, who is instructed by the medical officer attached to the regiment, as to how to apply the instrument properly and effectively, as well as to the substances used, whether ink or gunpowder, with which the mark is to be coloured.

The punishment is to be inflicted with the instruments only under the superintendence of a medical officer.

Naval Bakery

The Officers' Barracks at Isola Marina and the proposed new Naval Bakery at the former Galley Arches Vittoriosa.
Naval Bakery
Plan of Valletta dated 1 Nov 1842 showing the location of the Old Naval Bakery (TNA:MFQ 1/296).

On 28 Sep 1842, it was proposed to convert the officers' quarters at Isola Marina into a new bakery for the Naval Department. The Old Bakery in Valletta was to be returned to the civil authorities.

Board of Health

The Board of Health was made up of: President: HE The Governor, The Hon Sir Hector Greig, Baron Pasquale Sciberras Trigona CMG, Emanuele Bonavia Esq, Dr Gavino Patrizio Portelli, Giovanni Battista Schembri, Professor of Anatomy at the University: Dr Galland, Professor of Midwifery at the University: Dr Saverio Arpa, Professor of Medicine at the University: Dr C G Schinas, Military Department: AIH Mahony Montagu Martin, Apothecary J Wooley Simpson Esq.