The Army Medical Department
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1825

Malta Garrison 1825

Effective Strength Malta Garrison 25 Jan 1825
Col –
Surg Assist
Sgt Drm Rank
& File
61 3 3 3 2 77 35 1679
Returns of the Adjutant General's Office showing the Effective Strength of the Garrison including Colonial Corps, Artillery and Engineers.

General Hospital Valletta

Garrison Hospital
The General Hospital Valletta 19 Oct 1826 (TNA:MPH 1/912)
Garrison Hospital
The triangle (TNA:MPH 1/912)
Upper floor Barrack Quadrangle (TNA:MPH 1/912)

The Regimental Hospitals of the Infantry Regiments in Valletta were colocated with the General Hospital. The building had been the former Sacra Infermeria of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. The General Hospital also served as the quarters for the medical staff of the Army Medical Department stationed on the island.

Garrison Hospital
The lower yard (TNA:MPH 1/912)

The hospital was managed by the Barrack Department and had the layout shown in the accompanying plans. The plan of the ground floor of the Barrack Quadrangle shows the quarters of the Physician to the Forces and of the Staff Assistant Surgeons in 19 October 1826. That of the upper floor of the Barrack Quadrangle shows the quarters of the Physician to the Forces, Apothecary and Purveyor Clerk. The Long Ward was redundant and had initially been leased out to a wine merchant and then became a rope walk. It was called back into service during the war in the Crimea.

Ground floor Barrack Quadrangle (TNA:MPH 1/912)

On 16 Feb 1825, the Director General of the Army Medical Department sought permission from Earl Bathurst to appoint an additional surgeon on the staff at Malta in consequence of the great prevalence of disease in that island.

On 13 Apr 1825, the Secretary at War, ordered the Regimental Hospitals to submit their accounts quarterly instead of half yearly, that is, on the 24 Mar, 24 June, 24 Sept and 24 December.

Professor Francesco Buttigieg

On 1 Jan 1825, Dr Francesco Buttigieg retired at the age of 82 years, on a monthly pension of 35 scudi. Buttigieg had started his profession in the Naval Department of the Government of the Order of St John, and subsequently worked in the civil hospitals for sixty years.

He had occupied the Chair of Midwifery until 31 Dec 1824, when infirmity and old age forced him to retire.

Lt Gen Sir Manley Power

Lt Gen Sir Manley Power (1773–1826) served as Lieutenant Governor of Malta. He had served in Malta in 1802 with the 20th Regiment of Foot.

On 29 June 1825, Anne Katharine, infant daughter of Lt Gen Sir Manley Power, died at Sa Maison, aged 18 mths 13 days.

Burials Baptisms 1825

  • 20 Feb Maria Carmela Butterworth daughter of Susanna and John Tasker Butterworth, born 3 Feb 1822 and privately baptised on the same day was publicly admitted into the church.
  • 2 May Mary Bowman born 11 April 1825, daughter of Eliza and Deputy Assistant Commissary General William Flockhart Bowman.
  • 5 Oct John Moorhead Assistant Surgeon HMS Alacrity.