The Army Medical Department
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1820

Malta Garrison 1820

Effective Strength Malta Garrison 25 Jan 1820
Col –
Surg Assist
Sgt Drm Rank
& File
62 2 2 3 1 71 44 1457
Returns of the Adjutant General's Office showing the Effective Strength of the Garrison including Colonial Corps, Artillery and Engineers.

Up to 1824, the Malta Command included the Ionian Islands. Staff Medical Officers regularly interchanged between the two Commands.

First Army Sanitary Report

In 1816, Sir James McGrigor, Director General of the Army Medical Department, instituted a system of returns on the sanitary state, morbidity and mortality of troops serving on foreign stations. In 1822, Inspector of Hospitals John Hennen compiled the first annual report on the sanitary state of the Malta Garrison and of the convalescent depôt in Malta for the whole army in the Mediterranean, covering the period 21 December 1821 to 22 December 1822.

In Oct 1835, Secretary at War Lord Howick appointed Major Alexander Tulloch and Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals Henry Marshall, to inquiry into the extent and causes of the sickness and mortality among the troops in the West Indies, so as to establish such measures as might appear likely to diminish the great loss of life annually experienced in these colonies. Tulloch and Marshall utilised the McGrigor series of returns to prepare their account on the sickness and prevailing diseases among the troops in the West Indies from 1817 to 1834.

Subsequently, in May 1836, Lord Howick directed for a series of returns to be produced for each foreign station. On Major Tulloch's retirement in 1836, it fell on Assistant Surgeon Thomas Graham Balfour and Henry Marshall to produce the statistical reports on the health of the troops serving in the United Kingdom and the colonies.

From 1860 onwards, reports on the health of the army were printed annually in Blue Books, and submitted to Parliament.

Marriages Baptisms 1820

  • 2 Jan Frances Abbott born 4 Dec 1819, daughter of Susan and John Abbott, a servant in the family of Lt Col George Edward Raitt Deputy Assistant Commissariat General.
  • 30 Jan John Griffitt born 10 Jan 1820, son of Anne and John Griffitt.
  • 1 Feb William Charles Cumming born 6 Jan 1820, son of Mary Ann and Deputy Assistant Commissariat General Samuel Cumming. DACG Samuel Cumming became Assistant Commissariat General on 23 Sep 1830.
  • 13 Feb Emma Fancourt born 22 Dec 1819, daughter of Joseph Fancourt, and Mary Smith, wife of Sgt John Smith 31st Regiment.
  • 14 Feb George Bourchier Ward born 23 Dec 1819, son of Elizabeth and Deputy Post Master General George Ward Army Post Office.
  • 6 Mar Randolph Routh born 16 April 1819, son of Adelaide Marie Josephine Laminière and Deputy Commissary General Randolph Isham Routh.