RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Edmund Humphrey
1832 – 1894

403 Brigade Surgeon Edmund Humphrey Roberts

MRCS (Eng 1853)

3 May 1832 [Holyhead] – 24 Nov 1894 [Brighton]

Brigade Surgeon Edmund Humphrey Roberts qualified MRCS in 1853 and entered the Army Medical Department as an Assistant Surgeon on 23 June 1854.

He served with the 72nd Highlanders in the Eastern Campaign from 13 June 1855 including the Expedition to Kertch, the Siege and fall of Sebastopol, the Battle of Tchernaya and the attacks of the batteries on 18 June and 8 September 1855. He received the Crimea Medal with clasp and the Turkish Medal.

He also served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny of 1857–1858 with the 79th Highlanders. He was present at the siege and capture of Lucknow, the attack on Fort Rooyah, the action of Allygunge and the battle of Bareilly. He received the Medal with clasp.

He published a paper on a case of aneurysm of the femoral artery – ligature of the external iliac artery in Appendix No IV to the AMD Report for 1874: 16; 207.

Brigade Surgeon Edmund Humphrey Roberts was Honorary Surgeon to the Viceroy of India (VHS).

Service Record

St Elmo Prison
Lower St Elmo Military Prison with adjacent quarters for the Provost Sergeant and his family.

23 June 1854 Assistant Surgeon 72nd (Duke of Albany) Regiment of Foot.

5 Jan 1855 Arrived at Malta on the Neptune with the 72nd (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders).

21 May 1855 Left for Turkey and the Crimea.
Served with the 72nd Highlanders in the Crimea from 13 June 1855.

1856 Returned from the Crimea.

14 July 1857 Assistant Surgeon 79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment of Foot.
Served in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny of 1857–58 with the 79th Highlanders.

14 June 1859 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon George Scott Davie who became Assistant Surgeon 79th Foot.

1859 On duty at Chatham.

1860 On duty at the Cavalry Depôt Canterbury.

1862–1863 On duty at Corfu.

4 June 1864 Arrived from Corfu.

27 July 1864 To England on leave.

14 Nov 1864 Returned from leave.

1865 In medical charge of the military prison at Lower St Elmo Barracks. Cholera struck the barracks between 18 to 27 July 1865; the men were transferred to the glacis of Fort Manoel and reoccupied the barracks at the end of September.

7 Aug 1866 Promoted Surgeon.

24 Sep 1866 Left for England.

2 Oct 1866 Promoted Surgeon Royal Artillery on the death of Surgeon Howell Walters Voss in Kensington on 4 August 1866.

5 May 1869 Staff Surgeon. On duty at Canterbury.

4 Aug 1870 Reduced to half-pay.

24 July 1872 Restored to full-pay.

21 Aug 1872 Appointed Surgeon 1st/9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon Major James Carroll who moved to the Staff. He served as their medical officer until 9 December 1875 when he moved to the Royal Military Academy.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon–Major.

1877–1880 On duty at the Royal Military Academy.

Apr 1880 Moved to Bengal.

1881 On duty in Bengal.

13 Nov 1881 Promoted Brigade–Surgeon.

4 May 1886 Promoted Deputy Surgeon–General on the death of William Henry Corbett MD in Canada on 3 May 1886.

Feb 1888 On his arrival in India from England was appointed to the administrative medical charge of the Allahabad Division of the Bengal Army following the transfer of Deputy Surgeon–General Philip Broke Smith.

14 Sep 1888 Retired on temporary half-pay.

9 Mar 1889 Granted retired pay.

24 Nov 1894 Died at Lansdowne Place, Brighton aged 62 years.