RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Andrew Risk
? – ?

Assistant Surgeon Andrew Risk

? — ?

Service Record

7 Apr 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

18 Apr 1854 Arrived at Malta.

28 Apr 1854 Assistant Surgeon 23rd (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot.

31 May 1854 The steamer Karnak arrived at Malta with detachments of the 3rd Regiment (60 Ptes, 3 women and 10 children), 9th Regiment (5 Ptes, 7 women and 15 children), 62nd Regiment (102 Ptes, 6 women and 9 children) and 68th Regiment (2 Officers, 47 Ptes).

The Karnak had left Cork on 20 May with Assistant Surgeon Andrew Risk 23rd Fusiliers as the medical officer in charge of the transport.

General Orders Head Quarters Valletta dated 1 June 1854 declared that Assistant Surgeon Risk 23rd Regiment, having arrived at Malta will be attached to the 68th Regiment until further orders, and Assistant Surgeon Woods 23rd Regiment, having arrived at Malta will embark immediately on board the transport No 59 for the purpose of joining his corps.

However, on 3 June, Assistant Surgeon Andrew Risk left Malta for Turkey on the steamship Karnak to join his regiment. He did so at his own expense but without the knowledge or consent of the PMO Staff Surgeon 1st Class David Armstrong, who had had him attached to the 68th Regiment until an opportunity offered for him to join his corps.

22 Sep 1854 Resigned.