RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Regan
1786 – 1844

Assistant Surgeon John Regan

MA (Aberd 1846)

Dec 1786 – 28 Mar 1844 [Castleton Isle of Man]

Service Record

7 Oct 1809 Hospital Mate.

11 Jan 1810 Hospital Mate for General Service.

1 Sep 1814 Assistant Surgeon 93rd Highlanders.

5 Mar 1818 Assistant Surgeon 80th (Staffordshire Volunteers) Regiment of Foot.

21 Aug 1821 Arrived from Gibraltar.

1822 Assistant Surgeon 80th Foot.
In charge of his regimental hospital with his surgeon.

1823 On regimental duty.

1824 On regimental duty.

1825 On regimental duty.

1826 On regimental duty.

23 Mar 1827 Embarked for England on the transport Maria in medical charge of invalids.

30 Apr 1828 Left Malta.

2 Nov 1830 Promoted Surgeon 85th Foot vice surgeon Thomas Fiddes who was appointed surgeon 8th Regt of Light Dragoons. The appointment did not take place as Fiddes did not move to 8th Light Dragoons.

17 Dec 1830 Promoted Surgeon 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment vice Staff Surgeon James Dawn promoted Surgeon 8th Light Dragoons.

1 Apr 1842 Retired to half-pay. The vacancy in 10th Foot was filled by Staff Surgeon 2nd Class Robert Joynt Gordon Grant. In his turn, Assistant Surgeon Peter Baird 45th Foot, became Staff Surgeon 2nd Class vice Grant, while on 15 April, Gentleman Charles Bush Hearn came off the waiting list and was commissioned Assistant Surgeon 45th Foot vice Baird.