RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Henry Cooper Reade
1818 – 1873

Assistant Surgeon Henry Cooper Reade

MRCS (Eng 1839)

17 Mar 1818 – 1 Aug 1873 [Clifton]

Service Record

31 May 1839 Assistant Surgeon 15th (The King's) Regiment of Light Dragoons.

29 Dec 1840 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon Edward Mockler 79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment of Foot.

19 Dec 1845 Reduced to half-pay.

22 Dec 1846 Recalled from half pay and appointed Assistant Surgeon 71st (Highland) Light Infantry.

23 Mar 1847 Promoted Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Frederic Foaker promoted to 97th Foot. Gentleman Michael Allen Jane was in his turn commissioned Assistant Surgeon 71st Foot vice Reade.

3 Sep 1847 Surgeon 76th Regiment of Foot. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Assistant Surgeon William Rutherford MD from 62nd Foot.

3 May 1850 Surgeon 16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot.

1 Aug 1851 Exchanged with Surgeon John Drope McIllree 97th (The Earl of Ulster's) Regiment of Foot.

30 Sep 1851 Appointed Surgeon 3rd (East Kent – The Buffs) Regiment of Foot, on the death of Surgeon Robert Stevenson at Edinburgh on 3 September 1851.

20 Nov 1851 Arrived at Malta.

3 Aug 1852 Left for England on urgent private affairs.

23 Sep 1852 Returned from England.

26 Nov 1852 Promoted Surgeon Staff of the 2nd Class vice George Hume Reade who retired upon half-pay. The vacancy in 3rd Foot was filled by Assistant Surgeon Edgar Dumaresq Batt 13th Foot. Consequently, Assistant Surgeon Frederick Clarke 25th Foot, became assistant surgeon 13th Foot vice Batt, and Acting Assistant Surgeon Watkin Sandom Whylock became assistant surgeon 25th Foot vice Clarke.

16 Jan 1853 Appointed to the hospital staff at Corfu.

1853–54 Served in Corfu.

1854 Served in Turkey.

1855–56 On duty at Chatham.

1 May 1855 Surgeon Staff 1st Class.
Was at the Brompton Hospital, Chatham on 3 Mar 1855, on the occasion of the visit of Queen Victoria to the wounded from the Crimea.

1857 Reduced to half-pay.

3 July 1858–1861 Recalled from half pay and posted to the West Indies.

1862 On duty at Great Yarmouth.

1863 On duty at Chatham.

1864–67 Served at Bristol.

29 May 1867 Retired to half-pay with the rank of Deputy Inspector General having completed 26 years service on full pay.

1 Aug 1873 Died at Clifton aged 56 years.