RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Price
? – 1813

Assistant Surgeon John Price

MD (St And 1808)

? – 21 June 1813 [Harrow Essex]

Service Record

Casal Gudja
Map of Col Lindenthal dated Dec 1799 showing Brig Gen T Graham's HQ. (TNA:MPH 1/74).

15 May 1796 Regimental Surgeon's Mate. The Royal Warrant of 30 Nov 1796 abolished the rank of Surgeon's Mate, replacing it with that of commissioned rank of Assistant Surgeon. Hospital Mates were given commissions in 1804 but were not gazetted until 1809.

1 May 1797 Assistant Surgeon 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot.

Dec 1799 Arrived from Messina with 30th Foot on Brigadier–General Thomas Graham's expedition to drive out the French from Malta.

Jan 1800 Listed as being sick in the returns of 25 December 1799 to 24 January 1800. His pay was £11 12s 6d for 31 days.

Feb 1800 Detached from 30th Foot for duty at the General Hospital at Zejtun and acted as assistant surgeon to the Royal Artillery.

1 Sep 1800 The monthly returns for 1 Sep 1800 list him as absent from the 30th and doing duty with Royal Artillery in Malta.

21 Dec 1800 Embarked on Abercrombie's expedition to Egypt.

8 Jan 1801 Appointed Deputy Purveyor. The vacant post of assistant surgeon 30th Foot was filled by Gentleman Henry Dewar.

1801 Returned from Egypt with 30th Foot.

Jan 1802 Mr Price was attacked by plague but recovered. He was granted an annual allowance of £100 for life for plague duty at Rosetta, Egypt. At a period of incessant alarm and of real danger when the plague was committing the greatest ravages two medical officers stepped forward and volunteered their services in the pest houses. They were Dr Buchan who had done duty at Aboukir Pest House in the previous year soon after Abercrombie's landings and Mr Price a noted oriental linguist. Both contracted the disease but recovered.

1803 Returned to England.

22 Sep 1803 Received his first payment of £18 10s 6d in prize money from the the proceeds of the property captured on the island of Malta on 4 September 1800.

24 Nov 1803 Received another payment of £24 14s to increase his payment to £43 4s 6d, the amount paid out to lieutenants and ensigns in the infantry.

1 June 1804 Deputy Purveyor to the Forces.

1 Aug 1804 Received his second payment of £14 1s 0d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured on the island of Malta on 4 September 1800.

7 Nov 1805 Letter War Office dated 7 Nov: I have the Secretary at War direction to transmit for the consideration of HRH The Commander-in-Chief a letter from the Inspector General of Regimental Hospitals submitting that Deputy Purveyor J. Price may be permitted to join the Medical Staff already named for the troops under orders for foreign service. On 13 Nov 1805, Mr Dundas authorised the Pay Master General to issue his pay in advance to 24 Feb 1806.

22 June 1807 War Office letter dated 22 June 1807: Letter from Inspector General of Army Hospitals recommending that Deputy Purveyor John Price on half-pay may be placed on full-pay after the 24 June in readiness for Service.

31 Oct 1807I have the Secretary at War direction to transmit for the consideration of the Royal Highness the C-i-C the enclosed letter from the Surgeon-General recommending that Deputy Purveyor Mr Price, who has served the whole campaign in Egypt as assistant surgeon and deputy purveyor with the greatest credit to himself and benefit to the service may be appointed Surgeon to the Forces vice William Hogg promoted to Deputy Inspector of Hospitals on 17 Sept 1807.

5 Nov 1807 Staff Surgeon.

13 Sep 1810 Physician.