RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Charles Walter Poulton
1823 – 1882

226 Assistant Surgeon Charles Walter Poulton

LAC (1848) MRCS (Eng 1849) MD (St And 1855)

11 Apr 1823 [Cricklade Wiltshire] – 31 July 1882 [London]

Surgeon-Major Charles Walter Poulton served throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854 – 1855.

Service Record

8 June 1849 Acting Assistant Surgeon.

18 Sep 1849 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Alexander Gibb promoted to 45th Foot.

1849–1853 Served at Corfu.

27 Apr 1853 Arrived from Corfu.

3 June 1853 Assistant Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot.

1854 Listed as assistant surgeon 49th (Hertfordshire-The Princess of Wales's) Regiment.

20 July 1855 Promoted Staff Surgeon 2nd Class from 73rd Foot.

Served in the Crimean War.

19 Oct 1855 Conferred with the Degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University of St Andrews.

1856 At Malta.

20 May 1856 Married Mary Morgan daughter of Captain James Morgan RN at St Saviour's Jersey.

1 Oct 1856 Relegated to half-pay.

22 June 1858 Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class.
Recalled from half-pay vice Staff Surgeon of the 2nd Class George Douglas Dods who died on 16 August 1857.

1858–1860 Served at the Military Prison Gosport.

1860–1866 Served in W. Australia.

1867 Served in Colchester.

15 Feb 1868 Exchanged with Surgeon-Major Anthony Dickson Home 35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot appointed Staff Surgeon-Major Medical Department.

13 Dec 1870 Surgeon-Major 35th Foot.

1874 Medical officer 35th Foot until 1874, when he was appointed medical officer 49th Brigade Depot at Woolwich.

1875–1877 Served at Woolwich.

11 Apr 1878 Retired on half-pay with the honorary rank of Deputy-Surgeon General.