RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Joseph
1843 – 1914

1152 Assistant Surgeon John Joseph O'Reilly

LRCSI (1865) Lic (1865) LM (1865) LKQCPI

2 Sep 1843 [Kilkenny] – 28 Mar 1914 [Twyford Abbey Willesden]

Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel John Joseph O'Reilly received his medical education in Ireland and took the diplomas of LKQCPI and LRCSI in 1865. He entered the Army Medical Department as an assistant surgeon on 2 October 1865 and retired with the honorary rank of Brigade-Surgeon on 27 January 1886.

Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel John Joseph O'Reilly served in the Afghan war of 1878–1880, and received the medal for that campaign.

Service Record

2 Oct 1865 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

10 July 1866 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 71st (Highland) Light Infantry vice Assistant Surgeon Edward Hopkins appointed to 2nd Foot.

Apr 1873 Move from 71st (Highland) Light Infantry to the Medical Staff Gibraltar.

29 Apr 1873 Arrived from Gibraltar.

June 1873 Re-appointed Medical Officer 71st (Highland) Light Infantry.

1873 Promoted Surgeon 71st Foot.

1874 On regimental duties.

3 July 1875 Returned to England.

14 Oct 1875 Returned from leave.

1876 On regimental duties.

14 Apr 1877 Returned to England.

Aug 1877 Moved from 71st Foot to the Medical Staff York.

2 Oct 1877 Surgeon-Major.

1878–1879 On duty in Halifax and York.

Mar 1880 Moved to Bengal. Served in the Second Afghan War.

1881–1882 On duty in Bengal.

27 Jan 1886 Retired with honorary rank of Brigade-Surgeon. Rank changed to Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel on 17 October 1893.

28 Mar 1914 Died at Twyford Abbey, Willesden, aged 70 years.