RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William O'Donel
? – 1822

Surgeon William O'Donel


? – 7 Aug 1822 [Bombay]

Service Record

6 Aug 1807 Hospital Mate.

6 Aug 1807 Assistant Surgeon 5th Garrison Battalion.

11 Apr 1811 Assistant Surgeon 19th Regiment of Dragoons.

12 May 1814 Surgeon New Brunswick Fencibles.

26 Mar 1818 Surgeon 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot.

Mar 1819 Arrived at Malta.

17 Mar 1820 Returned to England on sick leave till 16 Sept 1820, when he was listed as absent without leave. While away, his duties were performed by Staff Surgeon James Dillon Tully. Staff Assistant Surgeon James Kennedy took over the medical care of 10th Foot, when Tully was transferred to look after the sick of the Ordnance Hospital.

Jan 1821 Still listed as absent without leave.

12 Apr 1821 Surgeon 4th Regiment of Dragoons.