RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Lane Notter
1843 – 1923

1168 Colonel James Lane Notter

LRCSI (1865) MD (1875) DPH (1875) LM (1874) LM KQCPI (1875)

1 Feb 1843 [Carrigduve Co. Cork]– 24 Oct 1923 [Southampton]

J L Notter
Lt Col J L Notter Prof of Military Hygiene 1888–1900 (RAMC/1168).

Colonel James Lane Notter was the son of Richard Notter of Rock Island and Carrigduve, County Cork. He was educated as a Fellow Commoner at Trinity College Dublin, where he graduated BA in 1863, MB and MCh in 1865, MD in 1875 and MA in 1891. He also took the LRCSI in 1865, the licentiate in midwifery (LM) from the Rotunda Hospital Dublin in 1874 and the Diplomate in State Medicine in 1875 of the University of Dublin. He was a former house surgeon to the City of Dublin Hospital and clinical medical assistant to Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital Dublin, a Fellow of the Chemistry Society and a member of the Surgical Society of Ireland and the Epidemiological Society.

In 1866, James Lane Notter attended the 12th Session (Summer Session) course of instruction at the Army Medical School at Netley for commission in HM Service. The Summer Session was attended by 52 candidates, 24 for the British Service and 28 for the Indian Service. Admission to the Army Medical School was obtained by a public examination held at Chelsea in February and a further competitive examination was held at the close of each session at Netley in August 1866. The combined results of these two examinations determined the order of precedence in which candidates were gazetted. J L Notter was placed first in his course out of 24 candidates with a combined total of 4571 marks out of a maximum marks of 6900.

From 1876 to 1882 he served as Assistant Professor of Military Hygiene at the Army Medical School Netley, becoming Professor in 1889. In 1898, he became an examiner for the Part I examination for the Diploma in Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians. Professor Notter was the author of many books and papers on Public Health among which were:

Colonel James Lane Notter was married to Fanny McIllree daughter of Surgeon General John Drope McIllree and had one daughter. He died in a nursing home in Southampton on 24 October 1923 after a short illness.

Service Record

31 Mar 1866 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1866–1869 Served in Canada.

Jan 1870 Move to Youghal County Cork.

24 Dec 1870 Became Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery vice Assistant Surgeon Alexander Crawford Robertson.
Served with 12th Bde RA (1870–1871) Portsmouth; 4th Bde RA (1871–1872) Dublin; and 10th Bde RA (1872–1873) Malta.

27 May 1872 Arrived from England.

7 Apr 1873 Left for England.

Apr 1873 Moved from the Royal Artillery to the Medical Staff Chatham.

1873–1874 On duty at Chatham. Was in medical charge of HM Torpedo Ship Hood.

1876–1882 Assistant Professor of Military Hygiene at the Army Medical School Netley.

31 Mar 1878 Promoted Surgeon–Major.

17 Oct 1882 Moved from Netley to Bengal (Meerut).

1885 Presented to Queen Victoria during the royal visit to Netley Hospital on the occasion of the return home of the wounded from the Egyptian Expedition.

31 Mar 1886 Serving in the Bengal command. Promoted Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel.

6 Oct 1888 Returned to Netley from Bengal. Gazetted Professor of Military Hygiene at the Army Medical School at Netley, vacated in April by the death of Surgeon–Major (retired) De Chaumont Francis Stephen Bennet Francois.

6 Oct 1888–1890 Professor of Military Hygiene at the Army Medical School Netley.

1890 British Delegate at the International Medical Congress at Berlin.

28 Mar 1892 Promoted Brigade-Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel.

1893 British Delegate International Medical Congress Chicago and Rome.

1894 British Delegate International Medical Congress Budapest.

6 July 1896 Promoted Surgeon Colonel on the promotion of Thomas Francis O'Dwyer to Surgeon General.

16 Feb 1897 Representative of the British Foreign Office and War Office at the International Sanitary Science Conference in Vienna. Appointed to advice on questions related to the transport of troops. Signed the convention, on the occasion of the plague at Bombay.

24 Sep 1900 Promoted Colonel Royal Army Medical Corps.

29 Sep 1900 Resigned as Professor of Military Hygiene at the Army Medical School Netley. Was succeeded by Major Robert Hammill Firth FRCS Eng. Major Firth had served in the the campaign on the North West Frontier of India in 1897–1898 with the Tirah Expeditionary Force with No 11 British Field Hospital. He held the Alexander Gold Medal for 1881 and 1891 and the Parkes Gold Medal for 1889 and 1892.

Nov 1900– Nov 1901 Moved from Netley to South Africa. Served on the Commission of Enteric Fever and Dysentery. Was discharged from hospital in South Africa and returned to duty in January 1901.

Nov 1901–1905 Colonel J L Notter moved from South Africa to Aldershot as PMO in succession to Surgeon General Thomas Francis O'Dwyer.

14 Jan 1903 Retired on retired pay.