Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Nicholson Brinsley

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Surgeon Brinsley Nicholson (Senior) MD
1789 – 15 Mar 1857 [Redhill Surrey]


Surgeon Brinsley Nicholson entered the Army Medical Department as an assistant surgeon in 1813. He served in the Peninsular War. He was the father of 179 Deputy Inspector General Brinsley Nicholson. Surgeon Brinsley Nicholson (Senior) died at Redhill Surrey, aged 68 years.

Service Record — Brinsley Nicholson

29 Apr 1813 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1813–1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

18 June 1824 Birth of a son Brinsley Nicholson (Junior) at Fort George. In June 1851, he served with the 60th Rifles and retired in November 1871 with the honorary rank of Deputy Inspector General. He was also a literary scholar. He died in 1892.

25 Mar 1825 Placed on half-pay.

20 Sept 1827 Recalled to full-pay.

5 Nov 1829 Surgeon 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot vice Surgeon Swinton Macleod promoted Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

Malta Feb 1832 Arrived from Gibraltar with his regiment.

Malta 1833 Surgeon 42nd Foot.

Malta 23 Sept 1834 In England till 22 June 1835, on private affairs.

19 June 1835 Promoted Staff Surgeon.

1 June 1838 Promoted Assistant Inspector of Hospitals.

26 Jan 1841 Promoted Deputy Inspector General on the promotion to Inspector General of Deputy Inspector General John Murray.

30 Dec 1845 Retired to half-pay.


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