RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
William Newton
? – ?

Assistant Surgeon William Newton

? — ?

Service Record

20 July 1809 Hospital Mate General Service.

27 Dec 1810 Assistant Surgeon 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot.

1811 Assistant Surgeon 44th Foot.

1812 Detached on duty with 2nd Battalion.

1813 Absent on duty with 2nd Battalion.

18 June 1815 Served at Waterloo with 2nd/44th Foot. Part of the Fifth Division (Lt Gen Sir Thomas Picton), 9th Bde (Maj Gen Dennis Pack). 9th Bde consisted of: 3rd/1st Foot, 1st/42nd Foot, 2nd/44th Foot, 1st/92nd Foot.

29 Nov 1821 Reduced to half-pay as Assistant Surgeon 8th Royal Veterans Battalion.

15 June 1830 Recalled from the half-pay of 8th Royal Veterans Battalion to be Assistant Surgeon 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot.

8 June 1832 Appointed Surgeon 17th Foot, vice Surgeon James Ward Martindale who died in New South Wales on 10 Jan 1832.

19 Feb 1836 Retired receiving a commutation for his commission. On 4 March 1836, the vacancy in 17th Foot was filled by Surgeon Henry Wyatt Radford, 62nd Regiment. Assistant Surgeon John Dempster 44th Foot, was promoted surgeon 62nd Foot vice Radford, and Gentleman William Balfour occupied the vacancy left by Dempster in 44th Regiment. Balfour was massacred in the Kyber Pass on 13 Jan 1842 during the withdrawal of the Anglo-Indian Force from Kabul.