RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Mure
1815 – 1884

Surgeon John Mure

MD (Ed 1836) LRCS (Ed 1863)

27 Mar 1815 – 16 May 1884 [London]

Service Record

John Mure
Surgeon Major John Mure
(Lt Col Foster's collection of Netley photos - courtesy AMS archives)

4 Oct 1839 Assistant Surgeon 7th (Royal Fusiliers).

6 Oct 1843 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 4th Light Dragoons, vice Assistant Surgeon George Kincaid Pitcairn promoted Staff Surgeon 2nd Class, vice Staff Surgeon Peter Baird who died at Bermuda on 12 August 1843. The vacancy in 7th Foot was filled by Gentleman Thomas Moore Sunter.

24 Dec 1847 Promoted Surgeon 72nd (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders) Regiment of Foot.

14 Oct 1851 Appointed Surgeon 11th Dragoons, vice Surgeon Patrick O'Callaghan, who retired on to half pay.

3 June 1853 Surgeon 15th Dragoons.

6 July 1855 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 1st Class.

4 Dec 1855 Arrived at Malta.

19 Oct 1856 Left Malta on being relegated to half pay.

1 May 1858 Recalled from half-pay as Staff Surgeon 1st Class and attached to 24th Foot.

1859 Served in Winchester.

1860 On duty in Liverpool.

1861 Posted to Bermuda and the West Indies.

1862 On duty at Great Yarmouth.

1863 On duty at Chatham.

1864 On duty at Colchester and Glasgow.

21 Nov 1865 Became Surgeon Major 7th Dragoons Guards.

7 Aug 1867 Promoted Deputy Inspector General.

1867–69 Served in Dover.

1869 On duty at Shorncliffe.

1 Dec 1869 Retired with the rank of Inspector General having completed 29 years service on full pay.

16 May 1884 Died at Tedworth Square, Chelsea.