RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Thomas Moorhead
1822 – 1877

144 Assistant Surgeon Thomas Moorhead

MD (Ed 1842) LRCS (Ed 1842)

1 July 1822 [Monaghan Ireland] – 26 May 1877 [Tunbridge Wells]

Deputy Surgeon General Thomas Moorhead qualified in Edinburgh in 1842 and entered the Army Medical Department on 24 October 1845.

He served in the Eastern Campaign from November 1854 to December 1855 as surgeon of the 7th Fusiliers. He was at the capture of the Quarries on 7 June and the assaults on the Redan on 18 June and 8 September, for which he received the medal with clasp and the Turkish medal. He also served as a Sanitary Officer to the British troops in the Expedition to Abyssinia in 1868 (medal).

Deputy Surgeon General Thomas Moorhead published Histories of ten cases of stricture of the urethra cured in the Surgical Division Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley during the year 1864 by Mr Holt's method of treatment. AMD Report v; 553 (1863). He died at Tunbridge Wells on 26 May 1877, aged 55 years.

Service Record

24 Oct 1845 Commissioned Assistant Surgeon 54th (West Norfolk) Regiment of Foot.

2 Jan 1847 Arrived from Gibraltar.

26 Dec 1847 Left for the West Indies.

2 Dec 1853 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1854 Served in Canada.

3 Nov 1854 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the Second Class. Served in the Crimea.

11 May 1855 Appointed Surgeon 7th (Royal Fusiliers) vice surgeon Augustus Purefoy Lockwood who moved to the 8th Dragoons.

9 Jan 1863 Staff Surgeon.

1863 – 1866 On duty at Netley. The officers' mess at Netley was damp and poorly ventilated. The Professor of Surgery, (Mr Longmore), recommended Surgeon Major Moorhead, while on the sick list, to sleep out of his quarters, and to be absent from them as much as practicable in consequence of their insanitary condition. Dr Moorhead was suffering from dyspepsia and the professor expressed his conviction that much of the ailment was attributed to this cause. A Board of medical officers with Professor MacLean as president was detailed to report on Dr Moorhead's health and to express an opinion on his quarter. The Board found that even on one of the finests days in summer, when all the windows were open, the front walls of the stairs leading to his quarter, his sitting room and bed room, were damp, weather stained and mouldy and a noisome smell like that found in a cellar was present. Professor MacLean attributed much of Surgeon Major Moorhead's dyspepsia to the insanitary state of his quarters.

24 Oct 1865 Surgeon Major Army Medical Department.

11 Jan 1867 Surgeon 26th (The Cameronians) Regiment of Foot.

1 Apr 1870 Promoted Staff Surgeon-Major.

1871 – 1873 At Bristol (37 Brigade Detachment).

6 Jan 1875 Moved from Bristol to Hong Kong as Principal Medical Officer on promotion to Deputy Surgeon General, vice Deputy Surgeon General Alfred Crocker.

1875 – 1876 On duty in Hong Kong.

2 July 1876 Retired on half-pay.

26 May 1877 Died at Tunbridge Wells, aged 55 years.