RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
Joseph Henry
1844 – 1908

1228 Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Henry Moore

LRCS (Ed 1866) LRCP (1866)

26 Dec 1844 [Downpatrick] – 24 Mar 1908 [Wellington Somerset]

Colonel Joseph Henry Moore entered the Army Medical Department as an Assistant Surgeon on 1 April 1867. On 10 October 1873, he served in the Ashanti War (1873–74), including the defence of the hospital at Foomanah (medal with clasp). He was also in the Afghan War (1878–79), when he was at the occupation of Kandahar and Khelat-i-Ghilzie, and in the engagements at Ahmed Khel and Urzoo, near Ghazni.

He was mentioned in dispatches and granted the Afghan medal with clasp.

Colonel Joseph Henry Moore retired from the service on 15 January 1902.

Service Record

1 Apr 1867 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1867 – 1872 On duty in Bombay.

1873 On duty in Sunderland.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon Army Medical Department (AMD).

1873 Posted to the Cape. Detailed for service on the West Coast of Africa.

10 Oct 1873–1874 Served in the Ashanti War. Was present in the defence of the hospital at Foomanah.

June 1874 Moved from the Gold Coast to Portsmouth.

1874 – 1875 On duty in Portsmouth.

Jan 1876 Posted to Bengal.

1876 – 1881 On duty in Bengal.

1 Apr 1878 Promoted Surgeon-Major AMD.

1878 – 1879 Served in the Afghan War where he took part in the occupation of Kandahar and Khelat-i-Ghilzai. Was present in the engagements at Ahmed Khel and Urzoo near Ghazni.

Jan 1882 Posted to Exeter.

26 Apr 1883 Made a Brigade-Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel.

Jan 1886 Detailed for duty with the Camp of Exercise at Delhi: Served with Southern Force No. 3 (British) Field-Hospital. In charge of the hospital was Surgeon-Major Robert Nelson Mally with Surgeon-Major Joseph Henry Moore and Surgeons S. H. Carter, George Nelis, William Henry Lendrum on duty at the hospital.

1 Apr 1887 Granted the rank of Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel Army Medical Service.

Feb 1889 Left Bengal for Pembroke Dock.

1 Oct 1891 Arrived from Devonport England.

1892 On garrison duty.

26 Apr 1893 Promoted Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel AMS vice John Edward Fannin who retired on 26 April 1893.

26 June 1893 To England on leave.

11 Aug 1893 Returned to Malta.

14 Sept 1893 Left Malta for Bombay India.

Nov 1893 On arrival in India from England was appointed to the medical charge of the Station Hospital at Mhow, Bombay Command vice Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Lang Browne.

22 May 1897 Was appointed to officiate on the administrative medical staff of the Indian Army, with the temporary rank of Surgeon-Colonel.

Feb 1898 Left Bombay for Portsmouth.

13 June 1898 Promoted Surgeon-Colonel AMS vice Surgeon-Colonel William Graves, who retired on 13 June 1898.

July 1898 Moved from Portsmouth to Belfast.

10 Oct 1899 On his arrival in India was placed on the administrative medical staff of the army. Was appointed Principal Medical Officer, Sirhind District, Punjab, vice Colonel Edmond Townsend who exchanged to England.

15 Jan 1902 Retired on retired pay on account of ill health.

24 Mar 1908 Died at Wellington Somerset, aged 63 years.