RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Guy
Piers Moore
? – 1881

Surgeon James Guy Piers Moore

BA (Dubl 1834) MRCS (Ed 1834)

? – 9 Mar 1881 [Clifton]

Service Record

3 Mar 1837 Staff Assistant Surgeon. Served at Gibraltar.

13 July 1838 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon Charles Stewart Still 94th Regiment of Foot.

22 Apr 1842 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 65th (2nd Yorkshire, North Riding) Regiment of Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon John Edward Nicoll, who died at Plymouth on 1 April 1842. The vacancy in 94th Foot was filled by Assistant Surgeon Edward Menzies 20th Foot. On 29 April 1842, Gentleman Edward Howard was commissioned Assistant Surgeon 20th Foot vice Menzies.

23 Sep 1845 Became Assistant Surgeon 97th (The Earl of Ulster's) Regiment of Foot.

12 June 1846 Promoted Surgeon 88th (Connaught Rangers) Regiment, vice Surgeon Abraham James Nisbet Connel, who retired upon half-pay. The subsequent vacancy in 97th Foot was filled by Gentleman Charles Vidler Cay, who was commissioned assistant surgeon.

Malta 27 Aug 1846 Arrived with his regiment.

Malta 13 Jan 1847 Left for the West Indies.

8 Dec 1854 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the First Class vice Staff Surgeon Robert Lawson promoted Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals.

Malta 14 Apr 1854 Arrived at Malta.

1854 Left for Turkey and the Crimea. Served in the Eastern Campaign of 1854–55 including the skirmish on the Boulganac, the Battle of the Alma, the sortie at Balaclava on 26 October, Inkermann and Sebastopol.

8 Dec 1854 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 1st Class.

18 Oct 1856 Released on half-pay.

18 Sep 1857 Returned to full-pay.

1857–59 On duty at Portsmouth.

2 Mar 1858 Awarded by the Sultan the Imperial Order of the Medjidie (5th Class) for his distinguished services before the enemy during the war against Russia.

1860–63 On duty at the Cape.

1864 On duty at Limerick.

1865 On duty at Jersey.

12 Sep 1865 Retired with the honorary rank of Deputy Inspector General.

9 Mar 1881 Died at Clifton, Bristol.