RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
John Meade
1773 – 1842

Surgeon John Meade

KH (1825) MD (Ed 1819)

1773 – 9 Apr 1842

Service Record

25 Aug 1795 Hospital Mate.

25 Dec 1796 Assistant Surgeon 26th Dragoons.

June 1797 Was present at the capture of Trinidad.

Dec 1800–Nov 1801 Served at Malta, Marmorice Bay and at Egypt on Abercrombie's Expedition until Nov 1801. The monthly returns of the regiment to the Adjutant General for August 1801, shows Surgeon Meade serving on the Expedition to Egypt.

18 Feb 1801 Surgeon 1st/40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot.

Nov 1801 Arrived at Malta.

May 1802 Left for Minorca.

27 Aug 1802 Surgeon 41st Foot Regiment of Foot (by exchange).

17 May 1803 Surgeon 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot.

1807 Served in Montevideo and Buenos Aires when a small force from Cape Town attempted to over throw Spanish rule in the United Provinces of South America.

1808–14 Served in the Peninsular War.

8 June 1809 Surgeon Staff.

29 Apr 1813 Deputy Inspector of Hospitals.

25 Sep 1816 Retired to half-pay.

2 Aug 1819 Conferred the degree of Doctor in Medicine (MD) by the Senatus Academicus of the University of Edinburgh after having gone through the appointed examination, and publicly defended his inaugural dissertation on Febre Flava.

1 July 1838 One of thirty four Deputy Inspectors General on half pay. Total Service: 42 years 10 months, Total Full Pay Service: 21 years 1 month.