RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
James Mcgregor
? – ?

Staff Assistant Surgeon James Mcgregor

MD (Aber 1842)

? — ?

Service Record

6 Dec 1839 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon, vice Staff Assistant Surgeon John Francis Morier, who resigned his commission.

12 Mar 1841 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 42nd Royal Highland Regiment on the promotion of Assistant Surgeon James McGregor as surgeon of the 42nd Regiment. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Assistant Surgeon James Archibald Duncan McBean 5th Foot.

22 Nov 1842 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

16 Nov 1842 Arrived at Valletta.

Jan-Feb 1843 On duty with the Reserve Battalion 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot.

20 Mar 1843 Left for England.

17 Sep 1850 Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.

21 Feb 1851 Surgeon 55th (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding, The King's Own Light Infantry) Regiment.

7 Jan 1853 Resigned his commission. The vacancy in 55th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Ethelbert Henry Blake.