RAMC Officers
Of the Malta Garrison
George Martin
? – 1837

Surgeon George Martin

? – 23 Sep 1837 [Corfu]

Service Record

9 May 1809 Hospital Mate.

1 June 1809 Assistant Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot.

10 Mar 1825 Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot.

During the prevalence of the contagious fever which visited Gibraltar in 1828, the 73rd were encamped with the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers on Europa Flats from 10 Oct to 17 Jan 1829. Out of 9 officers, and 196 men of the 73rd who were attacked, only 35 men and two officers died, one of which was Assistant Surgeon John Gordon Fraser, "who fell a victim to his zeal for the service".1

Whether the comparatively few casualties were attributable to the successful practice of Surgeon George Martin or some accidental cause can only be a matter of conjection, but the Lt Governor of Gibraltar acknowledged in the most public manner the talents and attention of Surgeon Martin on this trying occasion.1

In December 1829, the Service Companies embarked for Malta. The transports Lord Suffield, and Stentor reached Malta on 20 Dec and performed quarantine at the Lazaretto.

20 Dec 1829 Arrived from Gibraltar.

Dec 1830 Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot.

1831 Surgeon 73rd Foot.

1832 Surgeon 73rd Foot.

2 May 1832 Eliza Martin, elder daughter of Surgeon Martin, married Lt Adjutant William Russell 73rd Regiment son of Michael Russell, deceased, of Spring Mount, King's County, Ireland.

1833 Surgeon 73rd Foot.

Mar 1834 Embarked for Corfu.

23 Sep 1837 Died at Corfu. The vacancy in 73rd Regiment was filled by Surgeon John Foster 70th Foot. His orphan daughter was supported by financial contributions from the Army Medical Officers Benevolent Fund.