Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Mair John

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Assistant Surgeon John Mair MD (Ed 1819)
7 Mar 1798 – 5 Oct 1877 [Canada]


Assistant Surgeon John Mair qualified MD Edinburgh in 1819. His theses on the plague was written in Latin and was entitled: Dissertatio medica inauguralis, de peste, ejusque relationibus morbidis.

He entered the Army Medical Department as a hospital assistant in 1821.

Service Record — John Mair

2 Aug 1819 Conferred the degree of Doctor in Medicine (MD) by the Senatus Academicus of the University of Edinburgh after having gone through the appointed examination, and publicly defended his inaugural dissertation on Peste ejusque relationibus morbidis.

8 Nov 1821 Hospital Assistant.

10 Nov 1825 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot vice Arthur Hamilton promoted Surgeon 5th Foot on 20 October 1825.

13 June 1834 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon from 39th Foot vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Christopher Proctor appointed to 56th Foot.

18 July 1834 Appointed assistant surgeon 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Assistant Surgeon George Martin 39th Foot.

Malta 24 Sept 1836 Served in the Mediterranean with 59th Foot.

9 June–11 Oct 1837 Served in Malta during the cholera epidemic.

Malta 1837 Was recommended for promotion by the Commander in Chief General Lord Hill, by the Director General Army Medical Department, by the Governor HE Lieut General Sir H Bouverie, and the Principal Medical Officer Deputy Inspector of Hospitals John Frederick Clarke for his special services during the cholera in Malta of 1837.

Malta 26 Apr–7 May 1838 On leave at Gozo.

26 Apr 1838 Assistant Surgeon John Mair MD, a bachelor native of Aberdeen married Esther Ellary, born in Calcutta, spinster daughter of QM W Ellary 59th Foot.

Malta 1839 Assistant Surgeon 59th Foot.

2 Feb 1839 Birth of Esther Caroline Mair daughter of Assistant Surgeon John Mair MD 59th Foot and Esther. The child was baptised on 14 Mar 1839 by Archdeacon John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier Chaplain to the Forces.

Malta 15 Apr 1840 Embarked for Corfu with his regiment.

30 Oct 1840 Appointed surgeon 47th Regiment on the retirement of Surgeon Henry Thornton Mostyn to half-pay. The vacancy in 59th Foot was filled by the recall from half-pay of Assistant Surgeon Gideon Dolmage hp 18th Foot.

30 Oct 1840–9 Nov 1840 Served in the Mediterranean with 47th Foot.

28 Dec 1841 Staff Surgeon of the Second Class.

2 Aug 1850 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the First Class.

21 Sept 1852 Retired to half-pay.


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